Communism is the way to the future.

 Why do I say this? is not communism the system that has killed millions in the world? Has it not oppressed and destroyed millions of lives?
No it has not. Communism has not destroyed lives at all. What has destroyed lives are the so called 'communist states' that were in fact dictatorships. I talk of Stalin, Pol Pot and Kim Jong il. Stalin was not communist, he was a Stalinist. Pol Pot was not communist, he was a dictator. Kim Jong il is not communist, and is in fact a follower of Juche. Communists do not support these dictators, and never will. Communists spit on these dictators, just as you do.
What communism stands for is this:
1) Communism stands for equality. Communists damn the rich and their money hoarding, and they stand for a society where everyone is equal, and everyone receives according to their needs. 
2) Communism is true democracy. What kind of say do citizens get in current day 'democracies' like America and Australia? A couple of votes every few years is what they get. A couple of votes that people can cast to see who will tax them next. Communism stands for true democracy, where everyone gets their say, and the people are the true masters of the nation - not some fat, overpaid politician who has no idea what a proper days work is. 
3) Communism is a centralized economy. Capitalism believes that everyone has a right to 'The American Dream', where if they work hard enough in life, they will end up with lots of money and a nice family. Everything is owned privately, so that some will end up rich owning companies while others will perish. However, communism believes that the people should own the economy (factories etc) so that everyone receives their share, unlike now, where you get workers selling themselves for a small wage while the fat businessmen get rich of the profits. 
4) Communism supports the workers. The workers are the life bloody of the nation, and communism believes they should all be given jobs, proper living conditions and free health care - and that's just for starters. Capitalism does not help their workers, we can see that in the US - where there is so much poverty and unemployment. But communism believes that the workers should be given priority. Not the government, not the factory owners, but the people should be given priority of all goods produced.   
5) Communism gives equal opportunity. Under capitalism, you are taught that you have equal opportunity in life. But this is not so. From the time you are born, there are barriers of class. Why is it that rich kids get into university easier than poor ones, who must get a scholarship? Why is it that the rich have more opportunity than the poor? Why is it harder for a poor man to get into government than a rich ones? However, communism does not agree with this. Instead, people are born equal. It does not matter what colour you are, what sex you are, or what place you are born in. People are equal no matter what, if it be government, military or factory job. People should be given rights to enter college not by how much money they have, but by their passion and their interest in what they want to learn. Equality of opprtunity can never be reached unless people are equal in practice, and without class and race barriers. 
In short, communism is the way to the future. It gives a future for workers, and it will do nothing but help the majoirty of the populations of the world. In the hands of the people would be the economy, the politics and the very direction of their lives. It is true freedom and true equality - which is what is needed in this destructive world of capitalism and dictatorships which are killing the masses.



I am still playing good old Ps2 games like Killzone, God of War and Shadow of Rome. I don't have any of the modern consoles so I don't really have a choice.


What Do People Have Against This Game?

On all the game sites I have been on, the critics have given it a bad review. But why? to me the whole Conflict series is original and fun. true, they are not without their faults but the overall game play and story of the games are pretty good. I have been playing Conflict Desert Storm 2 and Conflict Vietnam for a while now to try and see why people dislike the game, and I can not find a big reason. Gamespot said the original Conflict game was a 4.7 out of 10 which I just find stupid. Sure that was the worst of the Conflicts as they were still perfecting the game, but the over all game was great.
So what do you think of this? is the Conflict series bad or good?


Have Not Been Interested in GB Lately...

I don't know, but it seems whenever I log in there are no good threads anymore. It is probably just me because I must admit I have been neglecting this place a lot because I have now created my own union on Gamespot so I have been spending most of my time there. I keep trying to come to GB everyday but I wish there was a Roll Call here like their is on Gamespot so I could have a proper conversation and not just post in a few threads then leave. The only thread I like on GB right now is Comment on the user above you, which is a thread that is pretty cool and it never dies.
~does anyone else feel the same way?


GTA on the PsP Rocks.

I honestly never would have thought that GTA on the PsP would be good. I rented the game thinking that it would be a washout and a waste of money, but then I could atleast say I played it. But when I got around to playing it I found that it was very well done. Liberty city on the PsP is a lot better than the Ps2 version I think, and this surprised me, becuase I really did think that this game would suck. So...yeah I found out that this game rocks, exept there are a few minor annoyances like how hard it is in the PsP version to get 4+ stars and, but driving etc I find a lot easier.
So if you have a PsP and have not got GTA, then get it!


Games i am playing.

Well right now I am atually playing a heap of games on and off.
I am playing...
Final Fantasy X, which I find an extremely addictive game, with a great story.
God of War 2, Finsihing Titan mode is harder than I thought...
Prisioner of War, Not many of you may know this game, but it is a classic in my opinion that is still one of my favorite games to play all the time, it has a good story, but can get boring after a while.
Shadow of Rome, A great game to let of steam in, if you are angry then this game transferes your anger into the game, which I love.
Pokemon blue, a classic of epic proportions, I love this game and will play it for many years to come, but it still eludes me as to why i still love it:P
God of War Chains Of Olympus, a tad short, but it makes up for this with a great story.
And last but not least...Syphon Filter Dark Mirror, Which is in every way like Metal Gear solid, but as bit less violent.
So that is it really, so I have a lot fo games to play and a lot to finish as you can see.


I just had a rockstar marathon!

well For the past 2 weeks I have been playing and clocking every rockstar game I can find. Why do this you may ask, because I am Optiow that is why. I have played and finsished these games so far...
*The Warriors (my fave game out of all I have played)
and I am waiting to play GTA LC as well, I think all of them are good, but Bully and the Warriors are the top two, mainly because of the fighitng combos you can do, but all Rockstar games have good storys and I love them!!
That is all.


I can not get enough of this game.

Really, every time I go to the Cue Club with my friends we always get caught up in L4D.
I love everything about this game, the shooting, the zombies, the characters I love it, we have finished it so many times and nearly finished it on the highest difficulty but we still can not get enouth of it, I wonder if they will make a seuel...
Anyway that is it for now.


I think that GTA is making a mistake.

I think that GTA is really making a mistake making a Chinatown DS exclusive.
I heard people saying how awesome it would be in GS and I was thinking WTF?
it will be medicore at best, I mean the grapics look shit but I must admit the story looks good.
But I thinks that GTA has made a big mistake making this game.

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