More and more Giant Bomb videos are corrupted :( [UPDATE: Fixed!]

I get this video corruption bug more often lately and it is really annoying. It happens only to HD videos. I tried watching the same videos at lower quality settings (high and low) and it is ok, no corruption at all.

I got that nasty corruption in the latest Quick Look of MotorStorm: Apocalypse too. I took a screenshot, check it out:

 In MotorStorm: Apocalypse Quick Look it starts at 18:16 and goes away at 35:20.

This thing at the bottom third of the screen appears exactly at 18 minutes and 16 seconds mark. And it stays there until 35 minutes and 20 seconds. Then it disappears. Some HD videos are ok, but I get this corruption bug lately more often than before. In some videos it pops up, stays a while, disappears and then pops up back again and ussually stays to the end. It happens mostly only once in the video. No video ever starts with it though - videos start ok, then it appers and stays for a long time, sometimes to the very end. I only rarely get this thing twice in one video and never three times. It pops up and disappears at random times, it is never the same time.

It started appearing couple monts ago and it was really rare, but now it feels like it is in every third video I watch. I don't remember exactly when it started appearing, but in the old days (when there was no HD video here), I didn't get that and videos were ok. When HD videos came to the site, it was still ok and started appearing couple weeks after that. And like I said, it was rare couple months back, but now it is really annoying as it pops up very often. Very unpleasant thing.

 Starts at 18:14 in the Mortal Kombat Scrub League Invitational.

I can't see any connection to anything on my end - it happend to me in multiple browsers (I use the latest stable release of Chrome, but I tried it in Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 4 and in latest Safari as well), on multiple PCs and notebooks and on multiple ISPs. I don't get this or any other video corruption from any other site, gaming or non gaming, whether it is flash or html5 or whatever. It is just Giant Bomb. :( Which makes me super sad, because I love Giant Bomb's videos.

How many viewers are experiencing the same thing? Is this video corruption bug widely spread or is just a couple of people? Are Vinny and Drew aware of it?

EDIT: Fixed! Thanks to DarkHeroZark in the comments! It actually worked:

The solution is to disable hardware acceleration of Adobe Flash, by right-clicking on the video then click Settings and unchecking the box on the Display settings tab.

Thanks again dude, I really appreciate it!
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