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Hi all! Just an idea for the ranks, but the FF XIV GIant Bomb guild had some good ideas for the ranks. I can't remember em all, but new recruits were "Interns" (that one one still makes me chuckle) and regular members were "Duders". I forget how they organized officers and guild leader, but I'm sure everyone can come up with something appropriately rad.

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Hey all! I've just restarted and haven't played since launch. Would love to join up. My username is parcelcrow.9351.

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@Huey2k2 I'm still starting out. Dabbled in LoL and I don't think I'm an asshole (I'm not. Right? Ok. I'm sure I'm not) Feel free to add me on Steam.
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I'm still fairly new, but same thing as the post above me or add me. I'd be stoked to roll around with some bombers.

Steam ID: poozombie.

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Well I would love to play this version, but I can't stand to be hunched over a small screen for long periods of time. I'd much rather this be on my tv

So crazy. Ever since the PSone era, I've hoped for handheld systems I could play console quality RPGs on.

No judgement, just different strokes for different folks.
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I might be one of those rare folk, but I dig handheld RPGs more than console versions (oh how you bummed me out, FF13)
This was literally the impetus for me to buy a vita and granted its a PS2 port, I could not be happier being able to play one of my favorite RPGs of all-time (unadulterated: lookin at you P3P) while I kick back on the couch.

I'm not arguing anyone here, but now that I got my vita and P4G, I'm stoked to rock this while I watch episodes of Firefly. I could not be more stoked.

The entrance cost was a bit much, but with PS+ on vita now as well, I can rest easy in my decision.

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@NekuSakuraba said:

I believe it is called "Party Hard", not sure of the artist though. Also, I don't want to make a whole other thread for this so ill ask it here - does anyone know the name of the song played when they are getting the multiplayer working in the Medal of Honor quicklook, the whistling one? Thanks. :)

Here is a straight up mp3, it's called Love Birds. http://teststorage2.audionetwork.com/Preview/tracks/mp3/highres/ANW1622/04.mp3

Edit: here is the Audionetwork page with full info and a buying option: http://www.audionetwork.com/production-music/album/electro-swing-mashup_1622.aspx

Edit2: btw I found both of these with google "giant bomb party hard" and "giant bomb whistling song". Someone at neogaf had done all the hard work already. So you know... Google is pretty useful.

To be fair, I googled "Party Hard" and that was a dead end. I also googled all the lyrics I could pick out and still nada. I never thought to add Giant Bomb in the search. Thanks for the help y'all!
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I've heard a few times on GB videos, but most recently at the very end of the Farming Simulator 2013 QL (great QL, by the way). Does anyone know the artist/song? I will put my "please" and (hopefully) subsequent "thank you very much!" right here.

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@rpwll oh weird. Maybe it works in reverse for me. I've only played Dream Radar during the day. . .and nothin but munnas. I'll give some night hunting a shot.
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@rpwll seriously? All I seem to get outta dream radar is munna. The worst part is im really tryin to keep my pokedex trump tight and riolu is something like a 5% encounter at floccesy ranch. I finally got one but sheesh, a little trading would have gone a long way.

As far as the magnemite trading, that seems to be working well. It appears that there are a lot of people onboard with that idea. I'm on my 5th or 6th trade cycle. Problem is, is now I ended up w/ a lvl 100 magnemite and even tho I can't use it, it's gonna be hard to watch him go.