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Cara Ellison writes my favorite pieces about games. She's incredible.

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I think that players with the option and ability to remove the black bars should be welcome to do so. There's no reason why a player modified version of the game couldn't be artistic in its own right. The most immediate comparison I can think of is when Steven Soderbergh changed Raiders of the Lost Ark. Making changes to the original work can be an interesting way to analyze it. Not everyone is going to approach it with that intent, but I'm glad it's an option for those who do.

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I'm glad this is finally being discussed more on Giant Bomb. Thanks Patrick.

If GamerGate did start as a movement against nepotism and corruption on websites like Giant Bomb and IGN and other large traffic games sites, the stigma attached to the term "GamerGate" is too toxic for it to be a banner to rally behind.

While I think some of the concerns are valid, they don't seem like something worth getting upset over, let alone threatening terrorist attacks. Everything you read or watch should be analyzed. You should ask yourself what is this source and can I trust it. It feels to me more like people just don't want to have to do that.

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I wish they hired Cara.

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Mine is PacManFevaa

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I loved this. Strangely enough, my interests expand from games into movies. They seem to compliment each other quite well and I would love to get more interviews with directors on the site. Great job Patrick.

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I've seen a lot of people saying that when the heard about Ryan's passing they broke down and wept. I was among them. Something else I've seen is a decent amount of people saying that their friends who aren't Giant Bombers don't really understand why we are as upset as we are.

So, if anyone in the Nashville area wanted to meet up tonight to drink in Ryan's name let me know. Or if there are other people in other cities that want to get together we can organize here. Share stories of first finding Giant Bomb, how long we've followed Jeff and Ryan, our favorite Ryan moments and just talking about video games and movies and whatever would feel good.

The thanksryan stream is great but seeing the people that felt touched by his life would be a great way to honor him, but it feels like a night to be with people. To go out and live life while we still have the opportunity. Because some of us are taken before we can give everything to this world that we have to give.

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I just ran out and got a six pack of Stella and poured one out for him. I'll be raising a glass at midnight and trying not to cry as I say, "Hey everybody it's Tuesday."