• pancaker posted a message on the post Metal Gear Scanlon - Just a Bonus.

    These games are, in fact, just like one of my Japanese animes.

  • pancaker posted a message on the post Hyrule Warriors Review.

    This game is such an odd thing that no one I know of were actually asking for. I wonder why something like this happens but other things that a lot of people ask for don't seem to come to the plate. ...

  • pancaker posted a message on the post Aaaaaaand Here's 35 Minutes of The Witcher 3.

    @jonny_anonymous said: @turambar said: "Pick one quest and another may perish."No, knock that shit off. Those aren't fun game play choices to make in any sense of the word.Yes they are. I want the cho...

  • pancaker posted a message on the post There's a Gabriel Knight Remake On the Way.

    Man, this is exciting mainly because I'm thinking that they might also remake the 2nd and 3rd game. This is definitely a buy for me and here's hoping for a line of remakes. The 3rd game was nearly ...

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