Regrets, I have a few. The games that I most wish I had finished.

Over any player's gaming career, there are always some titles that you never quite get around to finishing.  There are many reasons for this.  Sometimes the game just isn't good enough to hold your interest; other times you get distracted; sometimes life just gets in the way.  All of us have a pile of games that we really should see about returning to at some point, and as I'm coming up for 30 years of gaming soon my pile of shame is larger than most, and is documented on my Backloggery page.

This list isn't just about unfinished games though.  No, this list is about games that I really should have finished.  Games that I can now never finish, or that I can only finish with either great difficulty or some kind of diminished reward due to it having taken so long.  With many titles, it doesn't matter that they were never beaten as they just weren't that good in the first place.  But the good games.  The great games.  The games that you know you should have moved heaven and earth to beat ... those games turn into painful memories of what should have been.

This is my list then.  The following are the games that I most wish I had finished.  These are in reverse order of regret, the deeper we delve the more it will sting me.

List items

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