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Thought I'd give some advice for anyone who is thinking of getting this.

  1. Pick a weapon and Stick with it. Being proficient with a weapon starts with learning its moveset. Some are simple but effective like the hammer or sword and shield, some can reward smart play like the hunting horn or switch-axe and some can yield fantastic results with skillful play like the gunlance.
  2. Play Online. I would recommend hoping online as soon as you can, seeing how others play can help you improve your skills. Also don't be bothered if your getting carried, there are plenty of experienced players out there that like to help out. Monster Hunter can seem like a secret club at times, but if your willing to learn we like to help.
  3. Make a complete armor set. This usually requires you to fight a monster multiple times.(I would recommend great jaggi cause its ez pz) It also provides you with an example of who armor and skills work in Monster Hunter. You need +10 points in a skill before it becomes active, some armor sets can also give you a -10 skill that gives you a skill that can detract from you if it affects your play style.(this can be avoided by a item in the accessory slot that provides +1 to that -10 sum) later you may want to research a set that works for you.

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I sent a friend request, but incase you didn't see it my psn is peachesrcool and i would love to join

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Harassment is horrible, both sides of the arguement need to be meticulous on reporting that stuff. But asking people to stop argueing on the internet is just not going to happen because you want it too.

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@mb: have you every considered a career in knife porn?

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plan on picking this up soonish, my psn name is peachesrcool. I'll add anyone who adds me no questions asked, no money down.

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I have a pretty good understanding of the game and I'm watching this just cause I like listening to to purge

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something, something, joke about time travel and Battle of Thessalonica.

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i was literary just about to google to see if this years *This Years* GB collection existed yet. Thanks much!

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hey i got about 40 spots open for me, my code is 3007-8076-3837 and my safari is water with frogadier if anyone wants that. just pm if you add me because I don't think I'll go through the whole list

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PSN ID: peachesrcool

TZ: Eastern US

games I own and plan on getting: Ghosts, NFS rivals, Destiny and PS+ stuff