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@tkalsey: That's the one, thank you so much

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It's the one where, I think Patrick was telling a story about watching a football game and sending his buddy a text that said suck my dick.

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@jjweatherman: Nope I believe Amazon nailed it, Merciless Assassin to what looks like farm horse rider that is 1 to 1 if I've ever seen one

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@chocolaterhinovampire: I haven't read that yet does it actually add anything to the overall story or is it mainly side stuff?

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@sursh: When you start enders game let me know how it is because I've been meaning to read it, I have always heard great things about it

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@galacticpunt: I know you have probably heard this, but if you like Brian K Vaughan You have to read Y the Last Man it is really good also I'm reading Saga also and I really like it. How are you liking it?

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@thrillhouse87: The series is really good I mean people do have problems with the last few books but I still hold it as one of the better/best fantasy series out there

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@jouseldelka: How is the Witcher books I've been thinking of getting into that?

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