Games that I wont win any friends for liking...

I feel like its time I clarified the idea behind this list. 
The title refers to the idea that either by virtue of their general awfulness (Diakatana) or thanks to their IMMENSE popularity (Gears 2) - people I know have tended to go all silent when I start talking about these games. In the case of Gears, its clearly because some people consider the game too 'mainstream' and hence dont want to be associated with it (or in turn me, for openly loving Gears). Daikatana speaks for itself (its not great) etc. 
The most confusing game here is probably Super Probotector - which is the australian version of Contra 3: The alien wars. The game features robot protagonists rather tan humans, presumably as some kind of concession to european consorship laws (or something). Either way, its not really Contra 3, but its the version I grew up with and its the one I prefer. Which is, I suppose, madness to most people. 
Anyway - hopefully you get the idea. Its the opposite of liking say, Chrono Trigger or something, a game people universally respect without exeption (and in turn, you too for liking it). 

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Posted by Diamond

Wait what?  There are millions of people that would initially be your friend for liking a bunch of those games.  I could name specific users on Giant Bomb who WILL be your friend simply for saying you like some of those specific games!

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1. Daikatana: I neither know nor care about this game.
2.Crysis: Its pretty, why wouldn't this win you any friends? Because its generic? That's almost par-for-the-course with FPS games.
3: Contra: Its a great game, but I don't care if you don't like it. Only thing I care about right now, is knowing what the heck Probotector is.
4: Gears of War 2: If you like this game, why don't you like Contra? This is basically Super C (in spirit) for the Xbox 360.
5: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: I liked this game when I played it, but going back to replay it wasn't so hot. I think it was this webcomic that ruined it for me.