Quirky Games Worth Checking Out

Sometimes it's a premise too abstract to ever make gangbusters in the mainstream. Sometimes it's got a unique sort of charm you just can't find elsewhere. Whatever the reason, these are games that, while very likely flawed in some way, are still worth looking at because they are unabashedly weird and use that as the main driving force for providing fun. This is not, however, a cliche list of my favorite obscure games, as not all obscure games are quirky and, likewise, not all quirky games are completely unknown. What you'll find here is something that probably strikes the middle ground: They're not games that will be all the rage on the message boards, but they're also not so unknown that it's impossible to research them.

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Posted by Daveyo520

You must like the Pepsiman game a lot to have named yourself after it.

Posted by Pepsiman
@Daveyo520: It's more a love of the character's absurdity than the game itself. The game has some weird charm to it, especially in its FMVs, but it's something that I could by and large live without.
Posted by Daveyo520
@Pepsiman: A super hero based off of a soda must be absurd :P I just thought you really liked Pepsi and/or men who like Pepsi, or something before I read this list.
Posted by Pepsiman
@Daveyo520: I actually very strongly dislike carbonated drinks most of the time, so my love is almost entirely based on the character and premise, yeah. Name aside, you could say I'm neutral in the whole Pepsi/Coke/Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pib/7 Up/Sprite/RC Cola war.
Posted by Daveyo520
@Pepsiman: I like Sprite the best but I have not been drinking much soda lately, mostly juice.
Posted by buwchbach

I can spend hours playing Vib Ribbon, it's not really a hard game to play and it's quite nice to look at, it has so much charm I can't help but love it. 
Do you know weather Pepsiman was released outside of Japan? 

Posted by Pepsiman
@buwchbach:  Beings as Pepsiman the game is based on a mascot only used in Japan, the game is unfortunately Japan-only. Most of the game itself is actually in English, though, including voice-overs and menus, if memory serves me right.
Posted by createyouraccount

Ufouria was my favourite game as a kid. The music is so amazing for a NES game. Your lists are awesome, keep up the good work.

Posted by Mento

Hey Pepsimanlady, can you believe I had to actually add the two SNES Puyo Puyo-esque Hebereke games to the wiki database recently? Like they simply weren't there. It's not like they were were Japanese exclusives, either. Inconceivable.

Jury's still out on whether Sukezaemon is a better name for a shades-wearing ghost than Shades. It might help if I knew what "Sukezaemon" meant. Probably "Shades"?

Posted by Pepsiman

@Mento:Sukezaemon is a portmanteau of a couple of different words in Japanese. The "Suke" part is a slightly abbreviated version of the Japanese word for "transparency," while "zaemon" is kind of an old-timey suffix appended to names that, nowadays, tends to give them a samurai sort of vibe. It's difficult to explain since that shows up in a bunch of weird contexts, but yeah. Shades is probably the cooler name, if only by virtue of the fewer number of syllables.