If Pepsiman were a developer, she'd be taking notes from these games.

Good games or bad, if I were ever to be in a designing position at a game developer, these are the ones on which I'd be taking notes. By no means is this a "best of" list, though; sometimes the greatest hits offer the fewest lessons because of how they were made. So while some beloved classics might make the list, they're not there for arbitrary reasons and likewise, oft maligned ones are there for reasons other than "THIS IS HOW TO AVOID MAKING TEH SUXXORZ!!!11"

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Posted by Tiwi

i think you need to find a game with an explicit style.
Of course both ICO and OS have good art and "feel" to them, but braid and portal had some of the best atmosphere and setting i've come across. 
Also i'm glad that you have not only games that you would take good things from, but also learn from the mistakes they made.

Posted by Pepsiman
@tiwi: The list is definitely one still in progress; I agree that there's definitely stuff to take away from Portal and Braid. I started writing it up at about four in the morning, so games like those are probably missing at least partially because my faculties weren't entirely there. In due time and with enough motivation, though, I'm sure they'll get added. Still, I'm glad someone gave the list a look. It's kind of just been sitting there, twiddling its thumbs.
Posted by Wildcard

Very cool idea for a list and well thought-out. If I were to be so bold as to offer a suggestion to add to the list -- Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, for a lesson on how to successfully cram as many buzz words as possible into a title. ;)

Posted by Fallen189

Would you rate Symphony of the Night in the same regard my friend?

Posted by Captainlunchbox

I'm currently awaiting Rhythm Tengoku and reading your commentary on this list only makes me more excited. And I think Vib Ribbon will be the next game I track down. Great list.