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I think the sales are automatically non-recurring, but I may be wrong.

I just renewed mine through the sale tonight and can confirm this is the case, meaning you'll either have to renew it manually in advance when the time comes, at which point it'll revert to automatically resubscribing you annually, or buy additional extensions at sale prices as they come.

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Lang's Twitter account is here, which is probably the best way to get clarification on stuff like this, but for the record, he retweeted this a while ago, which, if I'm not mistaken, should mean you get your code on here later this week from @epicsteve.

Give it a little time. We rag on Lang here for fun, but when you're a businessman like him, it's especially bad business to do false advertising for charity-related things and large scale gift fulfillment often just takes time in general. I'd say give it until the end of the week and then if you still don't hear anything, go bug those two, but I really doubt it'll come to that. :)

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It makes me so happy on a fundamental level that someone is voluntarily writing about Simple 2000 games in English on the Internet. I've meant to embark on a similar journey myself after playing more Dream Club for the PSP than I should have out of let's call an academic curiosity, but to actually see someone, ah, living the dream is quite fantastic.

I had no idea Tamsoft did any of the other games in the series that weren't Onechanbara, so color me a little surprised that they're the ones behind the taxi games, too. What a strange journey that company has been on over the years; I can't say I particularly like what they put out (Dream Club is more a very guilty pleasure for me than anything else because of the premise) and yet I still wanna shoot the shit with those developers at some point and interview them about how they came to be what they are today.

You're doing the Lord's work here, duder. As someone who also likes covering the lesser Japanese games that might not really merit it legitimately, I salute you.

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My stuff is made to be distributed online, so do with it as you like. Just work on knocking out those medical kinks first. :D!

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So Square has added Japanese voices as fans have requested it heavily. Glad to see them deliver on that front.

On the flip side, that seems to be why the hard disk requirements are so large. It doesn't seem to show it on the English store page, but in Japanese since that's what my Steam install defaults to, it mentions this:

"Users living in Japan and Asia need a minimum of 30 GB of hard disk space." Knowing how much space high quality audio takes up and Square-Enix's (admittedly admirable!) penchant for reanimating the lip syncs for English dubs, the dual voice options are almost certainly responsible for this.

If that's the case, it's curious that only Western players are seemingly required to get both language packs. Steam totally has internal mechanisms for downloading optional language data even without using DLC (I've had to take advantage of it a few times when Western games defaulted to Japanese on me, in fact) and so far as I can tell, languages are being offered on the Japanese page a la carte. Would be really curious to hear the rationality behind this decision; maybe it's just accessibility so players can immediately toggle it in game without hassling through more Steam menus? I dunno.

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There are a lot of Japan-only PS1 games that could probably compete, especially a handful from Human, but I decided to look into that game because of course and the Japanese Wikipedia page makes it sound like a Deception clone, kinda sorta? My translation of the premise below:

In Akudaikan, players take the role of an eponymous akudaikan[basically a Japanese term for a corrupt lord of a fiefdom] as they face off against heroic characters [from famous historical fiction plays] such as Toyama no Kin-san and Mito Komon.

Using the money earned through bribes from corrupt merchants, players can do things such as lay down traps and hire bodyguards in an attempt to get back against the good guys. As bodyguards and the akudaikan himself have a hard time warding off their enemies with just weapons, trap laying is an important facet of gameplay, as each trap has unique properties that must be considered and can also be used to trigger combos. Akudaikan is as such often considered to be akin to Tecmo's Deception series.

In-between each stage, Kihee Senbonmatsu appears in live-action cutscenes as the akudaikan himself, which in turn give off the impression that the series is meant to be a parody of period theater. However, there are a lot of inconsistencies between the characters that appear, the items that they use, and the time period that they're ostensibly inhabiting; likewise, the period-appropriate signage that appears serves little more purpose than to help establish the overall tone and worldview of the series. Additionally, Senbonmatsu himself actually has qualifications to work as an architect, making the architecture forgery scandal that occurred after the game's release a humorous footnote in the context of the game in and of itself.

Andy Yamamoto was a planner and producer for the game. His prominent involvement in development as an American garnered him some notoriety during the game's heyday.

There's a little more about random production notes, but that's the major stuff. Now I kinda just wanna try this series out for myself since it all seems to be the right sort of insanity I can go for. So, thanks for that, OP!

In exchange, here's an intro from one of those Human games I mentioned earlier. It's more funny if you know about enka as a music genre and dekotora as a Japanese car subculture, but I'm sure it has its appeal on its own merits without that knowledge:

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@eder: There's not really a whole lot mentioned in terms of what that'll cover. I believe Sega has some crossover stuff to announce at TGS for the game at minimum, but I dunno if they're doing a whole lot beyond that since PS Nova seems to be the main PS thing they're focusing on marketing-wise right now. I'll probably be watching the interview myself, so I'm sure we'll find out soon one way or another!

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It's so flattering to know people still remember me for my translation work despite how quiet I am on here anymore. :)

Anyway, yeah, here's a basic breakdown of Dengeki's schedule for tomorrow (all times JST):

  • 10 AM: Gathering of foreign FPS programmers (seems like a promotion for Alliance of Valiant Arms)
  • 10:40: PS 20th anniversary, Dengeki PlayStation Major Announcement Special
  • 11:20: Yakuza 0 stuff
  • 1:00 PM: Compile Heart power hour, Hyperdimension Neptunia VII coverage plus a new game announcement (presumably separate from PS anniversary stuff; only get hype if you actually like Compile Heart games)
  • 2:00: Racing games with Codemasters
  • 2:30: PSO2 interview
  • 3:30: Tales of Zestiria interview
  • 4:30: Special broadcast for new Phoenix Wright game (I don't remember how Western fans have been translating the title, forgive me)

Hope that helps! So basically if you don't speak Japanese/have to watch these streams for work like I do, the main time to tune in is likely 10:40 AM JST and 1:00 PM if you really, really like Compile Heart games.

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I was just wondering why these games weren't on PC yet considering older FF games are. Can't wait.

Edit - What does the Japanese word(s) next to Xbox 360 say?

Basically "play on." The full sentence reads "Play on PlayStation 3/Xbox 360."