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I posted these screens to my personal Tumblr (properly sourced, of course) since a lot of people follow me on there for my own translation work and apparently they just reused the existing English text that was present in the Chinese release more or less whole hog.

The chinese release was much much MUCH worse. It had such gems as "That black man is assaulting the maid" or "How dare you defy the Legendary Bench in the Legendary Place!". Though that doesn't excuse the game for almost never using pronouns. It also uses "tsundere" non ironically.

A patch may be coming to fix the translation.

Oh man. This saga continues to get better and better by the day.

I haven't bought a game for its botched localization since Castle Shikigami 2, but that version especially sounds like a worthy successor. I do wanna legit play the game at some point, so I'll probably just pick up the Japanese edition at some point, but the allure of a beautifully terribly translation is simply too much for me to ignore.

I thank you for enlightening me.

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Ah, I just presumed they're yours. I don't think it's a big deal either way here since you're not writing an article or anything. I just mentioned it in passing out of due diligence.

If I had more time today, I'd sit down and help you all out by translating Japanese wiki stuff or whatever. This sounds magically cryptic in ways we haven't witnessed since, like, Castle Shikigami 2.

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I posted these screens to my personal Tumblr (properly sourced, of course) since a lot of people follow me on there for my own translation work and apparently they just reused the existing English text that was present in the Chinese release more or less whole hog.

It makes sense now because the grammar isn't weird in the way that most "bad" direct Japanese-English translations are.

But man. Man. There's corner-cutting and then there's cutting off so much that you don't even have corners left. This is just art.

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Holy. I figured considering the overseas release circumstances that the translation budget wasn't going to be super high, but woof.

They also included an HD remastering of the PSP game for the North American release, didn't they? Is that game's translation just as magical as this?

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I guess in Ace Attorney, the prosecutors are sort of like district attorneys in the U.S., in that they do interact with law enforcement so that cops can find out the info they may need. I thought I read somewhere that Japan's legal system does let criminal prosecutors have a surprising amount of control over criminal investigations, but maybe I'm just imagining that.

It's not really investigations that Japanese prosecutors have a lot of discretion over, but the decision to whether to bring a case to actual trial or not. People quote the 99% conviction rate with respect to Japan's legal system a lot, but the detail that's lost is that not every instance of arrest or police scrutiny will actually lead to a person being tried; on the contrary, it's fairly routine for a prosecutor to actually drop charges for even pretty serious felonies if, say, for example the person doesn't have a prior criminal record or their interviews with friends, neighbors, and coworkers leaves them to believe that acting criminally isn't otherwise normally in their character. Of the cases that do actually make it to court and are hashed out in front of a judge, then, yes, there's an extremely high chance that the prosecution will win, but if you were to lump those cases with the ones for similar crimes that never actually do get tried, then the number wouldn't be nearly that high.

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A handful of people have already endorsed Christine Love's work, all of which is emotional and I'm fond of dearly, but I'll chime in with Analogue: A Hate Story and, to a slightly lesser extent, Hate Plus, its sequel. The leading ladies have absolutely gut-wrenching stories that are worth seeing through to the end and the climax of Analogue is so powerful that I still cry every time I go through it despite playing through the game several times. Fantastic achievements in game writing all around with both of them.

Disaster Report and its sequel, Raw Danger, I feel are also really emotional powerful. Some people will argue that they're clunky games bogged down with dated mechanics and held back by the PS2 hardware, but they're so earnest about tackling the subject of surviving natural disasters without making a spectacle out of things that I can't help but love them dearly. Granted, I played them in Japanese and I mention that because the English edition was subject to some very strange localization changes that rob those games of that original identity, something that I can't imagine those games not having since they helped me cope with my memories of the Tohoku earthquake a few years back, but I know the games have their followings overseas still, so if you get the chance and can find them for cheap, it might be worth a shot.

You have a Chie icon, OP, so you might well have already played it, but I also found a lot of the side stories in Shin Megami Tensei IV to be touching. The main plotline is take it or leave it with a lot of people, but if you're one of those people that enjoys talking to NPCs and doing a lot of sidequests to get backstory stuff about the game, SMT4 will reward you in spades. You have to be pretty vigilant and talk to the same NPCs somewhat routinely since many of them ongoing plotlines that develop the further you get into the game, but there are definitely some in there that moved me quite a bit, especially when you get to the end of the game and everything is slowly coming to a head.

A lot of other great suggestions in this thread that I would echo, too, but even so, I'd still strongly suggest checking at least some of the games I've brought up here if you have time. :)

(Edit: Dammit, how could I forget Dangan Ronpa 2? The emotional payoffs at the end of the game will be bigger if you've already played the previous game, but having played it in Japanese, I'm not exaggerating when I say that Dangan Ronpa 2 is one of the best written and most emotional games I've played bar none. It's natural to go into the game expecting some pretty traumatic moments if you're already familiar with the original game, but 2 has such a profoundly lovable and relateable cast that when things go bad, you feel god damn terrible. There were a few scenes that were so hard for me that I actually had to put the game down and cry stuff out for a few minutes because of how intense it gets. I can only hope the English localization does it justice because the original Japanese is just superb and I love it so, so much.)

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Japanese preview information for recent Persona games has been coming in waves, meaning that the closest game to release is the one that gets the lion share of online and magazine coverage. So far, this has been true with both Persona Q and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax; January-ish to June was mostly Persona Q time leading up to that game's June release with a bunch of mini-trailers and preview articles and now since May-ish onward, the console port of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax has been getting that same level of attention. That game comes out late August in Japan, so if Atlus continues that pattern, I would expect that Dancing All Night would be the next game to start getting heavily marketed, possibly starting a few weeks before Ultimax's release.

What happens from there, I'm less sure of. Atlus has traditionally not had much of a TGS presence, most likely because a lot of their games don't demo particularly well in that sort of environment. Catherine was the one major exception in recent years from what I can recall, but most everything else that had a long enough period between announcement and release to overlap with a TGS, I believe, hasn't been there. Persona 5 could be an exception, but I also think that the brand cachet is large enough over there that they can get away with it being a no-show and, if they really are still intent on a winter 2014 release in Japan, unveiling stuff on their own time. Knowing that history, I would honestly peg Dancing All Night to be the more likely TGS appearance if I had to choose only one. And I think for the sheer sake of keeping public attention focused squarely on one game at a time, Atlus is probably not going to promote Persona 5 simultaneously with Dancing All Night, or at least not until the end of the latter game's campaign. I feel like it'd just be really easy for them to deflate the anticipation for Dancing All Night with people who might only have a casual interest in the series if they're being immediately reminded that a sequel is coming up as well.

Hard to say, but that's my bet as the guy who's been subtitling and translating a lot of the preview material related to the series this year thus far. Honestly, I'd also love it if Atlus just kind of released it without much warning and made people figure out for themselves what it was. I know I'm going to buy it one way or another and I miss those days of picking up a game and just having to trust based on the name it's good. But that's just me~

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So this is why Ono San bounced right?

Ono is still with Capcom proper; he just relinquished supervisory duties on Capcom Vancouver. He even just said he's working on an announced PS4 project with Capcom on Twitter today.

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Not unlike @rorie, doing a bunch of Japanese translation work over the years related to games has helped land me some pretty neat freelance gigs. Even got to help conduct an interview a while back with some of the developers behind one of my favorite SNES games! I enjoy any sort of translation work that comes my way, but it's extra special and fulfilling when it's games and it also helps keep the lights on, so games and I are on pretty great terms, too!

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@mysterysheep: Super flattered to hear you got something out of it! Imperfect though it may be, I call Japan home, so I like to do what I can to help make parts of it make sense to other people who don't have that sort of life experience. :)