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I would hope not, its a part of these games. The quitting out tip is actually pretty handy, I hadn't even considered that.

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People know Molyneux gets over-excited, that's as much their own fault as it is his. And treating the man like he's a witch to be burned at the stakes is just immature and silly. Just gaming press trying to be more important than it is, if you ask me.

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I would love to see them play the mario party games where capsules are introduced. So many opportunities to screw over the other players in that one. And its not random, you get to aim that stuff. That should aleviate some of the typical mario-party BS.

Also, map votes might be a great idea!

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I'm somewhat interested. Maybe i'l get it. FF15 got me excited about final fantasy again in a way i did not think possible.

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Sad to see it go, but most of the rewards were really lame anyway.

I got a sweet snes/famicom controller for the Wii once, but that was the only thing worth mentioning. Makes playing virtual console games way more fun.

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Tetris Effect in the works.

That is super interesting! I've had that happen. Did not know it had a name.

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I don't think I can name any American anime games.

By the way, Katawa Shoujo was a collaboration work between people from different countries, wasn't it?

It was but it was primarily American.

I dont know that i would call them games.

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I really liked shangri-la. Look it up some time, it might interest you.

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I know over here in the UK we have a problem with rather pushy charity workers who hang around city centres and go door to door, and are quite relentless in trying to get you to donate. Sure, you should advertise; but no means no and if wanted to donate I would have. So, I would make it a general rule to wait for people to engage with you, rather than the other way around.

Nothing would ever get done, you can ask without being pushy. That seems a better option.

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Chrono trigger still looks good in my opinion. Great art style.