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I might watch some of it for the first time, im interested in KI, and smash bros.

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If i get to have more then one controller, Smash Bros Brawl. ( Or the new one if thats allowed :-p )

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Im not gonna claim this is a good game, but i like the co-op in it. Goof troop

Its not a very long game though. So maybe try it if you can get it on the cheap.

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I like the owning a game part, wich you dont get in the same way with digital. If Xbox Live or PSN ever goes down i wont have acces to any of "my" games. That part is a bummer. If that gets a good solution then i might be willing to go full digital.

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I ordered the Watchdogs PS4 bundle, so if i canceled it i wouldnt have gotten a PS4 for several months. But i would probably still get it if i got a "normal" PS4.

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Im getting the bundle.

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This both awesome and sad. Awesome because its Giantbomb expanding, doing new stuff. Sad because we dont get to see things like Vinnyvania with the whole crew as it is now. But overall its more awesome then sad. I trust you guys to deliver on this kind of stuff!

Also, it never hurt anyone to have a bit more Alex around. (yet)

PS: Would be cool to have everyone skype in on the podcast a bit more often. Maybe like one "foreign" office a week or something. :-)

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I hope this will just turn out to be a rumor, i dont always like twitch, but i prefer them greatly over anything google.