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Dance Monkeys Dance (Tropico 3) 0

 My Mojito needs more mint NOW you pathetic little worms! The above is the nearest I can get to explaining this game in one sentence. Here we have Tropico 3, the quickest way to become a dictator in the history of the xbox 360. Gameplay. This is simple, you are charged with becoming a despot of your very own little tropical island through various scripted campaign missions or sandbox mode. You build what your island needs to prosper and grow while at the same time dealing with the political ...

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A jack of all trades (The Saboteur) 0

 Let's talk about The Saboteur. After roughly 10 hours in with 50% story done and 14% freeroam done, I have a few things to say. I'll just cut them up so you guys can browse. Stealth. The mechanic in the game works perfectly but its very hard to pull off with ease, it seems the dev's decided that would make more of a challenge I suppose. Each stealth kill has tobe done from behind(unless you wanna throw caution to the wind and try a sucker punch kill which can be done from infront) and baref...

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