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The Tec-9 is the Luigi of firearms.

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Now that we are all here again, I liked the outskirts. Only the boss felt kind of shitty.

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$62.5 million

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Never have the chances been better for Wolfenstein to be sold in Germany.

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I'm a Nazi? You're a Nazi!

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But I just bought a computer this year.

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@shadow2384: There totally is.

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@liquidsnakegfer9 said:

I just finished the game and I didn't have any bugs, but I really probably wouldn't have minded any considering how batshit crazy the game was on its own.

What if you had to restart levels constantly, forcing you to redo everything? Kind of sucks.

Whenever something broke, I could always save the game and it would load to the puzzle/thing being reset to before I broke it. Like when I was being terrible at minigolf and somehow the physics flung the ball off the course and onto the shark tank.

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I never got into the German translations of the books, maybe I'll give these a shot.