Two Blogs are hard to write...

Oooo look at the pretty light....No Zack dont look! (ya this picture is random :P )
Its hard enough to find something to write about sometimes in my GS blog, much less entirely new information here. So lets see what I can come up with today...

Anyone going to be seeing Star Wars: The Clone Wars this weekend? I plan on going if I have time. I liked the animated cartoons on TV so Im hoping this will be good too. I cant tell if they have gotten the same voice actors from the cartoon and Ive been to lazy to research it. The actors werent bad...but not great. Maybe it was just poor dialog.

So a question...and probably a stupid one...but how do you post a youtube video in a forum or blog? I dont mean linking to the youtube page the video is on but actually putting the video player in the topic.

What are you guys opinion on adding content to the wiki? Ive heard some are complaining that once you get a certain amount of points you shouldnt be allowed to post pictures anymore or if a game already has some pictures they shouldnt add more. Why? If the person has something new to contribute, why cant they add the content they want to?

Some find it hard to write articles very well and it isnt right to demand that they stop contributing the way they are able to. Not to mention the fact that writing takes a lot longer than posting a picture. Many people dont have the time to write things. Also, what happens if the game a person knows the most about has already been covered very well? Is it right that they are not allowed to add new pictures that are currently not available for the game?

I dont understand. I enjoy doing both but other then the larger written content I added for Cloud, Dante and 2 Spyro games, Ive only had time to write some smaller blurps on a few games. And even that is probably more time then I should have spent writing because I should have been working on other things.

What do you think?

1000 + DKS3713 First Day excitement!

Dante is smug as ever knowing he helped to get me to 1000 :P
Yep thats right! I hit 1000! Mostly thanks to the large amount of Cloud and Dante pictures I have :P lol.

Congrats to lightwarrior179 too who also made it to 1000!

If you have read my blog on GS then you can stop here...

First day of SE's private event is over and while I wait impatiently for the news from today I thought Id share the info Im excited about so far.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII confirmed for the PSP probably the best news I heard. It will be very cool to play an FFXIII game on my PSP. The system is getting a lot of love lately, which it deserves. I think developers are finally realizing what it can do.

Yep, Aqua, thats just about the same look I had when I heard all the cool news too!
Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days all got japanese release dates. Although that still means there will be a bit of a wait before we see it in english, Im just glad they are on their way.

Advent Children Complete...well whats there to say? When I get a PS3 and if it is ever released in english I will be getting it.

Final Fantasy XIII demo = cool

Parasite Eve 3 was announced for the PSP. Ive never played a Parasite Eve game so Id have to say Im not jumping out of my chair cause I know very little about it. Though Ill be reading up on it to see if its something Ill want to pick up :)

Well thats it for the first day...second day info should be on the way soon.

My first Blog...Im half way there!

Hey guys :) most of you know me from GS so I wont bore ya with info on me :P

I said I wasnt going to do any blogs here...but it seems I lied lol. Finally starting to understand how everything works. Hows everyone enjoying GB?

Awwwww look how sad that made Cloud...poor spikey little puppy *sniffle*
Im slightly addicted to adding content to the site :D . At the time of posting this blog I have reached 500 points. Halfway there! I knew all those pictures I have saved would come in handy :) I havent done much writing, its hard to make it sound good.

Been playing FFIV, anyone else playing it? I just got to the point where Yang joins the group. Havent sat down to play much. When do you get more ablilites? All I have so far I think is the Auto Potion.

Not much to say today, very tired for some reason and I cant seem to concentrate lately...maybe Im getting a cold.

Ill get caught up on everyones blogs soon :)