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REVIEW: Quantum Theory 0

I find myself in a strange quandary with this game;  not being required to play and review video games for the masses gives me a security blanket of being able to play only games I like and not bother with ones I know I will hate, thus I present my dilemma of taking the time to write why this game should be avoided or pretend that the last 10 hours of my life ceased to exist.  Some time and consideration has pressed me to the conclusion that no matter how many people read this, I feel it is my ...

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REVIEW: Batman: Arkham Asylum 0

I grew up as a fan of Batman.  There are few memories I remember with such fondness as getting the Bat-mobile on Christmas morning or coming home to watch the original Batman cartoon that my grandmother had recorded for me on VHS while I was stuck at school.  Growing up as a Batman-kid, I have been with the “world’s greatest detective” to “the caped crusader” to “the dark knight” and have loved most of the representations of such for differing reasons, however the Arkham Asylum: A Serious House...

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MicroView: Beat Hazard 0

Do you love music and hate your optical nerves?   Beat Hazard is a fun debut from “Cold Beam Games” that follows along the lines of dual-stick shooters such as Geometry Wars.   The game begin with the classic seizure warning of most games, however no game I have ever played have even come close to truly needing a warning as much as this has.   The basic premise is that colors, enemies and even the power of your weaponry are all determined by the intensity of the music.   Naturally, being skepti...

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