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Thanks for the positive comments! I'm glad you all like it! I changed the "next video" button so it shows the correct "next" symbol and made it so the site should hopefully show up better on tablet and phone screens.

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@yummytreesap: Haha! I was hoping no one would notice since I was to lazy to make a new button after I realized I had used the wrong symbol. I can change it though now. Thanks for letting me know!

@effache: Sounds good! Thanks for letting me know. I did have that issue sometimes during testing also, so it's something I will try to fix.

Thanks for the input everyone! Glad to hear it's working for the most part.

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Short story: Here is a “Pandora like” Giant Bomb Quick Look Player webpage I made. It should automatically start the video when the page loads.

Long story: Hello fellow quick look enthusiast! Like many people have over this past year, I have stopped my cable subscription and substituted daily television for things like Netflix, Twitch and, of course, Giant Bomb. Most the time I like to have something on in the background and the Giant Bomb Quick Looks have always been great background videos. However, selecting a specific video to just have on in the background is sometimes a tougher decision than it probably should be, so I took a little time and developed a webpage that you can just open up and leave on throughout the day to constantly have a steady stream of quick looks playing. If everything works correctly, you should just be able to navigate to and let the randomly selected quick looks play. It is basically Pandora for Giant Bomb Quick Looks.

I know what you’re thinking, “can’t you already do this with” To that, I say, yeah you can! I use all the time, but I just wanted a simple page that I could load up and leave my browser on that would automatically play without me having to set any playlist up. You could also do this with YouTube playlist, but from my experience, not every Quick Look is on YouTube, especially some of the really old ones.

Please check it out if you are interested and let me know how you like it! Also please let me know if anything is broken. Happy Quick Looking!

Once again, the webpage is

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Out of curiosity, how many of you in the Giant Bomb community are, or trying to be, regular Twitch streamers and how has your experience been so far? Are you doing it just for enjoyment or are you actually trying to build a following? Have you been able to get many followers that come back to watch you? What games do you typically stream?

Personally, I have tried streaming games on a regular basis a couple times to see if I could build a following, but I always quit soon after I realize no one is watching my streams. In fact, during last year’s Extra Life stream, I am pretty sure that not a single person popped in to view my stream. Nevertheless, it was fun to do and I did raise some money from friends and family. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining though. I know there were more interesting Extra Life streams to watch (Giant Bomb's stream) and I understand how difficult it can be to stand out from the vast amounts of streamers out there. A friend of mine has even been streaming on Twitch for several months and still hasn’t managed to build a group of followers that would come back to watch him. I have moved on from trying to stream regularly since I don’t really have time for it anymore, but I am curious, how have your experiences with being or becoming a streamer on Twitch gone?

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@lachrymoses: TLOU = The Last of Us ... I think. Probably.

I kinda wish it was more like DayZ. I know DayZ in early access is garbage now, but the DayZ mod was way better once you got used to the ARMA stuff. I would have loved if The Division took the fundamental idea of DayZ and used it. The Dark Zones are getting close to that idea, but ultimately, the consequences from dying isn't really all that bad from what I have seen. Additionally, the bullet sponge characteristic of enemies and players really just makes PvP a numbers game. A group will most likely always beat one lone player since there doesn't really seem to be any way for a player to quickly kill another player like in DayZ.

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@cale: Nice one. Don't worry. You probably also have a slick hair style now too, am I right?

Nothing to memorable for me, but just today after 100+ hours, I realized you can quickly bring up the scoreboard in Battlefield 4 by holding the menu button on Xbox.

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Thank you for the advice everyone! I ended up emailing him and asking him for advice about the job, like most of you stated, and he ended up talking with the hiring manager. I now have an interview next week for the job. I have no idea what he said to the manager, but at least I have an interview now. Hopefully it goes smoothly! Thanks again for the advice!

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Stopped watching a while ago. I couldn't stand listening to Dan's misinformation and general lack of knowledge about the game. I will never understand how someone spends 100+ hours with a game, but fails to learn some of it's core mechanics.

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Hello everyone. I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on my job hunting situation.

After recently graduating college, I have been looking for a job and been turned down a few times now. However, recently a job at my friend’s father’s IT company became available and I am interested in the job. I have never had a situation where I knew someone who works at the company I am applying for, so I am wondering how to go about contacting my friend’s father about the job and what I should say. I have been friends with his son for several years now and I even helped his family move into their new house. Nevertheless, I’m kind of a shy/nervous person, so I don’t really know how to take advantage of my connection when the connection is the CEO of the company (about 50 employees). What do I say? Should apply now then talk to him? Should I wait until after talking to apply? I would really appreciate some helpful advice.

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I followed Jeff and them through the GameSpot days through the video reviews and On the Spot, but lost track of them after they all left. I realized I had to check out Giant Bomb after hearing Brad's voice again after so long on an episode of the Games Radar podcast where he was a guest.

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