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The Forbidden Lands in Shadow of the Colossus is still one of my favorite video game worlds to explore. I have yet to come across another game that gives me that sense of being alone in a massive world filled with literally larger than life creatures.

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Have followed Ryan ever since the Gamespot days. Always enjoyed him. Not sure what else to say. He was amazing. RIP Ryan. You will be missed.

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Have had this game since it went into beta, so none of this is a surprise to me when I saw it pop up on Steam. Nevertheless though, I don't even think that game was ready for beta testing when the beta was released.

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Not really. Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist for me.

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My best try. Just realized the eyes are not centered. haha. Oops.

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Yeah I guess your right. I'm just over reacting. Also I apologize for the title, really wasn't thinking there.

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Is it just me.....

or was Subject 16's reveal of what he looked like a little lack luster? I mean during Brotherhood, it seemed like they were keeping his identity and the way looked like such a secret. Consequently, I thought I was going to be trying to figure out who this guy was throughout this game, but instead right at the beginning we are introduced to him as if we all have been long time friends. It just seems to me that they threw away a good mystery character and replaced him with a slightly obnoxious character with a creepy face. Noted though, I have just started the game. Did I miss something in Brotherhood that revealed 16's identity earlier? When I say identity, I just mean what he looks like.
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Yep, mine will freeze almost every time I load up a map. It sucks, but the game is awesome. 

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I hate this game!!! So why do I keep playing it!!!!

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  I like seeing the zombies burn!    

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