☆☆Clearing Publisher's House☆☆

So today, we were talking about how publishers like Activision should go out of business. Yea, they produce some great games, but it is so apparent that all they care about is profits, which while important are not in my book as the be all end all goal. Case in point... Activision is notorious for pushing out so many clones of a popular franchise ad nauseum that they ultimately kill off the series. For instance, there have been so many Call of Duty games, that they are loosing any meaning. I mean there have been 18 reprisals of this game since 2003. That's more that 2 per year. Once people start getting sick of this crap, they will just kill off the whole division, and we will never see another release.

Another example is the Guitar Hero Series. There were so many iterations of this game, that now people don't want anything to do with them.

So really, it comes down to the fact that these publishers only see the greedy dollar signs in the now, and fail to see the long term of a project. This in my opinion is bad for the video game industry because if this continues, we will end up with a loss of creativity; leading to less titles being released in a given year and just more renditions of the same old crap.

Now, luckily, there are some new kids on the block that are making their mark. I think that the ability for small producers (like Pop Cap) to put out fun and cheap games, will help keep the current available selection stable, but we must make sure that as they grow, they don't turn into the Capcoms and Activisions of the future. So I say, to show your loyalty with your $ and let's try to make sure that the industry doesn't become stagnant and boring. After all, we want our kids to have a better gaming experience that what we've had.

Till next time.

Love Ya❣❣❣