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    Join me in EVE Online. (shameless plug)

    Join me in EVE Online for extended trial.All rewards shared with new subscribers 50/50.Get the ISK you need to get started.

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    PLEX is just too damn high!
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    I think this looks great.This can't be "pre-alpha", though right? It looks almost complete.

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    Bayley is great.

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    "Is there really no sound in space?... Oh, air, there is no air in space. So that's why you can't breathe." - Dan minute 12:35. I am not sure if Dan is constantly trolling or if an adult man could ha...

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    I continue to be thoroughly amazed and disgusted at the utter senseless misogyny of this whole thing.GiantBomb stands above the fray, but over the past few weeks on the BombCast and the various video...

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    Has anyone heard the latest Destiny scandal news?!
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    Can you feel the sadness in our love?
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    Goodbye small head.