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Thanks. Hope that you will appreciate the website, and if you have suggestion, just give it to me, i will try my best to make this website better.

PS : you can speak in english, i can understand, when i say what do you mean by "trust" is a way to say that i didn't understand why you didn't trust me.

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@Tireyo643 said:

@pushmo: Pour vous dire la vérité, Je vous serais reconnaissant de votre site si je vous fait confiance. Désolé, mais je n'ai pas confiance en vous. Traduction mieux?

En d'autres termes, je n'ai pas confiance au site Web. Je ne veux pas d'un virus informatique.

I don't understand why you think that my website may contain virus. No download on it, so i don't know how my website can "injure" you.... Is the first time that i see someone who say to me that he is fear about a website. But if it's your opinion, i can't go throught. This is just a strange idea and specially due to a lack in informatic knowledge. I will not force you to go on my website (i'm not so machiavelic) but i think is a bit disappointed that someone who post a lot of pushmo level don't want to put his level on my website, because if i made this website, is for two reasons : 1. help people to share pushmo and 2. show on my CV for internship my website skills.

Well, i hope that you will try at least to visit it, because it was made for your kind of person (people who make level). And if you choose to upload your picture on my website, you can be sure that the picture will not be delete by someone : is a way to save pushmo level and keep away them from to be delete.

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Hi Tireyo643,

I don't understand your last sentence. What do you mean by "if i trusted you. Sorry but i don't trust you" ?

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@Overbite said:

@pushmo said:

Good tools ! i translate it in french.

About my website, nobody appreciate it ? I though it was good ... :-(

I like it. It will be better once more people upload stuff to it.

Thanks. If you have any suggestion about the translation (english mistake) tell me :-)

Hope that people who post qr code here will post also in my website.

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Good tools ! i translate it in french.

About my website, nobody appreciate it ? I though it was good ... :-(

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First of all, i'm french, so i apologize for my "english" skills.

I've recently develop a web site in order to push your pushmo puzzle. It's completly free, and is the easier way to centralize all qr code ressource !

You can on this website :

- see new qr code

- add yours

also, the website is translated in 3 languages : french, english and chinese.

You can access on the website by this address : http://pushmo.free-h.fr/

If you have suggestions about this website (also about translation, because i'm not fluent) , you can post here or send me an email.

Thanks for watching this post !