GOTY 2013

The Best Games (I played for the first time) In 2013

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Posted by peritus

Nice selection.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I can get down with all of these except for The Cave, why exactly did you like it so much? I found it pretty disappointing to be honest. Too much backtracking & clunky platforming control for my taste, and the way they wanted you to replay through the game was not great design.

Edited by Putemonsteret


I didn't really like it "so much". I though it was fun, but it had its flaws for sure. It's mostly just there because I only played 9 great games this year and The Cave was the only game left that I played that were memorable enough to be worth mentioning. Think of it like the top 9 games of the year + a honorable mention. ;)

I'd probably put the first episode of The Wolf Among Us or the fist episode of The Walking Dead season 2 on this list instead, but since the whole of those series is not done yet it's probably going to be contenders for next years GOTY instead. If the whole series holds up that is.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

@putemonsteret: Haha, fair enough! Was just curious. That first episode of Wolf Among Us was pretty good :) I'm pretty sure I did see that on a couple lists so far, so you'd be in good company.