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Here's the way I look at it and I'm sure everyone will agree with me. If it's a full-priced game, and as long as I get a full game with a complete story and a way to play it to 100% completion, then there isn't a problem. Now, if I get a pop-up message that states that I can't continue on to the next level without waiting 5 real-time hours or pay $2.99 to unlock it, then there will be issues. This is what iPhone/iPad games do because they're free-to-purchase and free-to-play. It's the games that cost a pretty penny that shouldn't be doing this.

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I hope Japan doesn't keep up this trend. If they want to use things that are in popular western games they need to understand why those things are fun, or not fun. Just because qte's are in some really popular titles over here, doesn't mean we like them. In fact I think almost all of us hate them unless they're used sparingly. I loved Asura's Wrath but I feel like its an exception.

I don't know if I'm in the minority but I want the scary back in "survival horror" games, is it just hard to make a game scary?

Actually, I think Japan should keep doing what they're doing. I mean, not this of course, but most of what they do the entirety of their Asian market love it. That's why their TV shows, commercials, and movies are mostly different than what we have. This is why JRPG's are still around.

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Interesting video I guess. Just wasn't something I expected and not in a good way. When you brought up the creators of Metalocalypse, I just thought there would be more gore and you know... metal.