Another game finished

I finished Torchlight today as planned.  My dual-wielding destroyer absolutely destroyed Normal difficulty.  The game really didn't offer any challenge after level 10 or so.  I plan to play through again on the hardest difficulty and maybe even on hardcore as well.  I don't know though.  The idea of getting to level 30 or so then dying because I got careless and NOT being able to continue sounds rough.  Like with Fate, I was a little disappointed with the Retirement/Descendant thing.  I left an amazing epic gun for my Ranger but she cannot use it until level 41.  The only other plus is that I start at Fame level 2 as far as I can tell.  I mean I do have a ton of gear besides the heirloom item in the community chest so I guess I can't complain too much.  Still, I would rather have kept my Destroyer I suppose for playing around in the new endless dungeon.  I definitely will not be retiring any other characters. 

I also managed to knock out one of my last two achievements in Geometry Wars 2 by finishing the Sequence game.  Smiles is the only one left which shouldn't be too tough now that I know I can finish Sequence.

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Beatiful day today.  Gotta get out of the house.  I'm planning to go see Kick Ass with my buddy Rob this afternoon.  Looking forward to that.  What to do till then...hmm.  I guess it's lunch time.  I'm feeling a Moe's tofu burrito! 

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Wassup, Giant Bomb.

Wassup!  I've been meaning to start a blog of some sort somewhere.  This seems like a good place. 
I am currently playing Torchlight for the PC by Runic Games.  I was a pretty big fan of Fate their previous simple, no nonsense dungeon crawler for the PC.  Games like these are awesome fun and go a long way to fill the gap between the huge game title releases. 
Started a blog!  Back to being a vegetarian!  Thank goodness.  Eating meat just doesn't work for me any more.  I was a vegan for a while and think I'm working my way back to there.  I've been inspired lately to do... something.  Find a new/better job, go back to school, eat healthy...something. 

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