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Minecraft, but not really... 0

The only concept this game shares with Minecraft is the removal of blocks, and the replacing of them. Once that happens the game is completely different. This is unique in its own way and a very refreshing take on the new "Minecraft Genre" of games. Multiplayer is very fun and easy to set up. 3 1\2 stars only because it doesn't feel as deep as it could be, lack of achievements (I know, I'm a terrible person), and no stat tracking. ...

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A nice change of pace. 0

A game that will set the benchmark, probably short lived, for facial animation and actors in games. The story was a typical Rockstar tragedy with some cheap laughs thrown in. Once again though R* makes a memorable cast of characters. PS3 version seems like the way to go with the whole having one disk thing, but regardless this game deserves to be a GOTY contender. Giving it 4 stars for a lackluster and open ending.  ...

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Killzone 2: White Edition 0

Killzone 2 was a pretty good game, sure the controls were heavy and the story was meh, but it was fun. Killzone 3 has fixed alot of the problems from 2, even the sepia color scheme. The multiplayer feels the same with a little more focus on classes, I hate Infiltrators, and is definately more polished. All in all 3 is a PS3 fan must buy....

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