New Star Wars Battlefront Squadron spin-off title

I was searching the LucasArts website and found that Rebellion Developments is making Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the PSP. I am a fan of the Star Wars Battlefront series and i liked Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron will feature "the deepest customization options ever seen in a Star Wars Battlefront title" which i think is great and a all-new Heroes and Villains mode and The PSP edition of the game will support 16 player multiplayer, with in-depth stat tracking , but i think they need to fix the 15 FPS problem from Renegade Squadron. Elite Squadron is scheduled to be released Fall 2009. I hope they will add more new features ,but not make a cash cow. There will also be a DS version ,but it will be developed by N-space not Rebellion Developments ,so that means it will not have the features listed above. Reading wikipedia it seems N-space has recently only made ports of famous games to DS and Wii. What do you call this Spin off series? Star Wars Battlefront Squadron Series?. There is still no information about Battlefront III ,but the leaked footage looked pretty good. I really hope Elite Squadron isn't a cash cow. This game also may indicate that Rebellion isn't developing Battlefront III. It might be a good game to play before Battlefront III comes out ,if it comes out. 

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CryEngine 3 Demo

I was at today and saw this CryEngine 3 Demo.If you havent seen this already, i suggest you check it out. It is in development and looks GREAT, Crytek announced that it will introduce CryEngine 3 at the 09 Game Developers Conference, and the best thing is it is also meant for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.That means people that dont have uber pc's maybe can play Crytek's future games at max graphics without hiccups on their consoles.I think the engine has potential ,but you can never know.

P.S Im sorry if i have grammar or interpunctuation problems in my text. English is not my native language.