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You can buy download codes from game.co.uk. They are usually a fair bit cheaper than the eShop prices.

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Sign me up! I played a couple of hundred hours of MH3U and around 20 hours in this one so far.

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I really enjoyed the game as well. Yeah, the ending wasn't amazing, but what annoyed me more was that there were no women in the women's ward.

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Rath@Thanatosssssssss sign me up

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@ultimatblitz: You can pick from heads and unlock more heads, pick different tops, pants and accessories although the accessories seem only to be glasses, hats are determined by the head you pick. You only unlock things from in game currency and xp which seems pretty easily gotten.

This game seems pretty good, would be cool if more people on here got into it.

p.s. I got it on steam if anyone wants to play.

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I picked up the Xbox version the other day and was wondering if anyone wants to play, none of my friends got it on xbox.

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Looking to get a new motherboard and cpu for my gaming pc, already have 8gb of memory ddr3 and geforce gtx 460 for a graphics card but want to up my fps in games. Any advice would be appreciated and obviously the cheaper the better.

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I got a spare key, send me a pm for it.

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I decided to no clip to look for some hidden things, found this link in the train car where the thing breaks out:  http://asc8.clip69.super8-movie.com
It says that i'm the first one to find clip #69 but i don't know the password and i am quite tired, if someone else could work it out while i sleep it would be nice.