My favourite Adventure games

Adventure games are the b-movie of the gaming world. In an adventure game, I look for a good mix of story, traditional gaming feel and atmosphere. This is a list of adventure games I enjoy and I would like to recommend to my fellow gamers. 

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I'm afraid to read some of these entries for fear of spoiling the ones I haven't played yet! :)
Interesting what you say about Science Fiction once being respected.  I'd say in some ways it's managed to become more respected, but it depends on how you do it.  William Gibson has been doing an interesting thing recently: instead of trying to talk about possible futures, he's been going into possible PRESENTS, building existing technology and culture and making what would probably feel like science fiction to someone who wasn't familiar with the potential of today's tech.  
Day of the Tentacle is responsible for the only joke in gaming that got funnier when repeated for me (hint: Ben Franklin).

Posted by Legend

Great list! I totally agree with most of your picks, and CoMI is my top favorite adventure game, too.