Under the Radar - Hidden gems of the gaming world

I am always on the lookout for games which flew under the radar. Maybe they are too old to be discovered by younger generations or suffered from bad PR or reviews. Maybe fate had no success in store for them, who can explain the bizarre ongoings in the game world ? I decided to create a list of games I found to be rather unknown and underappreciated by the gaming community, so that other players may discover and enjoy them as well. Some of these games are great, some feature interesting and rare concepts and some are just bizarre. For whatever reason these games got buried in the sands of time, I think they shoud not be forgotten.

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Good to see my Fast Food wiki entry has so far survived.  
I'm still waiting for someone to try to redo what Darklands did right.  That game is still one of my favorite RPGs.
I don't think Berzerk is so much hidden as simply buried by time, but I see what you mean.  My personal oldschool favorite has to be Combat (invisible tank pong).
As for Dwarf Fortress, I think that game would be a lot better known if it had a less cruel interface.  Keys mean different things on different screens, they often could just combine screens or reconfigure stuff to make it MUCH more accessible.  If this game is hidden, it's because they didn't bother to try to make it less of an arcane ritual to play. 

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Good list. I enjoyed the descriptions and was reminded of many games I had forgotten! 
Quick note: This may just be some kind of glitch for me, but number 17 on the list has no entry, just a description.

Posted by ahab88

Yes! SimCopter was epic. I played that game for untold hours. 
Great list.

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I can already tell that several of these games are not under the radar, Golden Axe and DuckTales being the two biggest offenses I could find.

Posted by Ravenhoe
@Video_Game_King: If you take their age into account, you can definitely consider them under the radar. I do not think many people still play these games as their "radar" (as in finding new games) does probably not detect them because they are not prominently featured anywhere.
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By that logic, a ton of big old games are hidden gems. Dynamite Headdy and Little Nemo aren't on anybody's radar, yet they're not obscure enough to be considered hidden.
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@Video_Game_King:  Well, what can I say. It is my list and it is for people who, for whichever reason do not know some of these games. It is not an objective or scientific research project, but a subjective list of games I consider to be underappreciated. Of course, I can see that you do not agree with some of the choices, but I am sure that if you were to make a list some people would not agree with your choices as well, it is the nature of this site and lists about personal gaming experiences that there is lots of diversity in the understanding and personal approach to gaming and what is consider old, new, good, bad, hidden, popular. I respect your opinion just like anyone else's of course.
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Not to be stubborn, but I think a lot of people would see my under the radar games as obscure. How many people have heard of Little Samson or Fire 'n Ice?
Posted by Ravenhoe
@Video_Game_King: It's not a competition.
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It is when you think Ducktales and Oregon Trail are obscure :P.
Posted by Sulla

Thumbs up for including Europa Universalis III! Great game, even though I also adore Civilization III and IV.

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Definitely recommended. I love a lot of these games. Warlords: Battlecry III is actually one of my favorite games ever. Good list. 

Posted by James_Giant_Peach

Great list, I love learning about the little-known gems that most of us missed.

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This list lacks focus, so I'm not surprised that people question it. DuckTales, for example, pops up all the time on popular YouTube channels - be it casual non-gamers or not - and in the gaming press. It's just a list, sure, but since you've put so much time into it, why not make it a source for people to use? I mean, best GENRE lists are next to useless, this one isn't, because you can prove a game is obscure by doing a bit of research. BTW both of your DuckTales inclusions describe a mini game collection. I believe one of them is a platformer. Just a heads-up.

Posted by ares0926

Yeah I have to agree with some of the objections as well. Duck Tales, Golden Axe, Spy Hunter, even Lemmings had huge followings and success in their day. And while you have a huge list here with only a few objections I think it may be worth listening to and understanding the criticism.

Posted by FoxNoodles

Champion wrestler by Taito for PS1 is missing as well. It's a Japanese exclusive and definitely a hidden gem.