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Knight Games is a medieval themed multi-sport competion. A player faces the computer or another player in any of six combat events, or either of two target-shooting events.

There are six combat events, distinguished mainly by weapon choice.

  • Swordfight 1
  • Swordfight 2
  • Ball-and-Chain
  • Axe
  • Pikestaff
  • Quarterstaff

Each event has specific moves, executed by various combinations of button pressing and joystick movement. Moves include various hits, parries, and dodges.

A candle burning down represents the player-selected time limit, while other elements of the field represent hit points and wins. The player with the greatest score wins at the end of the time limit.

Additionally, there are two target shooting events.

  • Marksman (bow-and-arrow)
  • Crossbow

In these events, mobile and stationary targets must be hit with either a bow-and-arrow, or crossbow depending on the event.

Each event takes place on a medieval backdrop, including a river pass, an archery field, and a treasure room. The successful release of Knight Games led to a relatively unknown space-themed sequel, Knight Games 2.

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