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Micro Machines is a circuit-type racing game with top-down graphics.  Players select a character from a vast roster and race against A.I. or Human opponents, neither the races nor the cars the player finds himself in are related to the character. 

Game Modes  

One Player Mode

In this mode you only 2 vehicles are in play, one player controlled and one AI.  The objective is to gain enough distance between the opponent as to make him stay out of the screen, when this happens the car on screen is awarded a point from the opponent's pool (each player starts with 4 each), this points go back and forth until someone has 8.

This mode places the player in 25 races against 3 other AI controlled vehicles. The player starts with a set number of lives, and loses them for each race where he doesn't place in the top 2 places.  Once he runs out of lives, he's eliminated. The AI characters are also eliminated and replaced by others as they place badly through the races.

Two Player Mode

This mode is the same as described in the "One Player" section, only both vehicles are human controlled.

In Tournament 2 players are pitted against each other in the same fashion as Head to Head for a series of five races, whoever wins most races out of the 5 is declared winner.


The various tracks all take place in a number of set environments with specific vehicles associated to them. These are based on real life areas sized relative to the size of actual Micro Machine toy cars.
One of the easiest environments to race in the bathtub has little hazards, for one you can't stray off the track limited by wall of bubbles, these same bubbles also appear in the middle of the track in the form of very minor bumps. The only real dangers to watch out for in these stages are the whirpools and the yellow rubber ducks both of which are very easily dodged.
Breakfast Table
Racing through the table cloth on a track lined out by breakfast cereal, the hazards of these tracks vary from honey drops that make your slow down to a crawl, to milk spills that may make you lose a little grip, the track lining being cereal will also make your car bob up and down if you insist on going over them. 

The cars you'll be racing here are very fast and with a big handling problem on the corners, expect to tail slide a lot just be careful not to slide out of the desk, yes one of the biggest hazards of race cars is dropping out of the desks, be it by steering badly through a corner or just not nailing the line on the bridges(which are very small rulers). Also be aware of the erasers, pencil sharpeners and other objects on the side of the track when taking corners or sometimes on the track itself.

With similar dangers to the breakfast table a bit of a fusion between that and the desktop, the worktop stages feature. Glue drops raging from small to huge, which have the same effect on you as the breakfast honey, oil which not unlike milk will make you slip, then a bit more speed and clutter like nuts and bolts over the track sides like the desktop.  
Billiards Table
 Even faster than the desktop vehicles, racing through the billiard tables you'll have to dodge somewhat easy obstacles that are billiard balls, on a more hard side are the ramps to and from the edges of the billiard table, these are small playing cards that even the slightest wrong direction will make your car fall and explode. Also like on the Desktop, you might be wary of the high speed turns so not to fall off the table.  

These might be a smooth sail or not depending on how a small mistake can make you lose a bit of time, particularly watch out for the puddles that will make you sink and reset the car, the shovels on the track, and the sand mounds which make the ride more hard to control.
Tracks that take place in the garden are very straightforward  they just watch out for the edges of the track with large bushes wish have jagged leaves instead of being straight, you'll probably be caught in them. Other than that just watch out for an AC like unit that pushes air toward you, and sprinklers which will make your vehicle explode.
Bedroom floor 
 The vehicles driven here are very slow and irritating some times, with very sub-par handling(making sense given the vehicle it is). You'll find this track completely filled with marbles and toys that try to keep you from cutting corners too much to compensate for the handling issues of the vehicle, the track itself is fairly clean other than a checkers board once in a while.
These time trial stages, have lots of obstacles given it's you against the clock, be wary of puddles and specially small pebble bridges, it's better to do it slowly than having to try multiple times and using up more time. Other than these only some tall grass might get in the way but it's not a serious issue.


The type of vehicles change, and are fixed for each environment:
 Bathtub - Powerboats 
These are standard powerboats that will make you enjoy racing round the bathtub. 

 Breakfast Table - Four by Four
A Four by Four jeep like off-roader making the breakfast table an free meal. 

Desktop - Sportcars
These convertible cars may be small but they do put out a fight with a high top speed and finicky handling.  

Worktop - Warriors
A group of mean looking cars are hard to describe visually so just take a look yourself, as a racing car they're a cross-breed between the 4x4 and the Sports.

Billiards Table - Formula One
Formula One cars, like in real life high top speeds on straights and high acceleration without a compromise on the corners. 

Sandbox - Turbo Wheels
A dune buggy like car would easily classify as the off-road Formula One counterpart.

Garden  - Choppers
Not much to describe here helicopters, not hard to control through the tracks you're required to go through.  
Bedroom floor  - Tanks
Tanks, yes tanks, these stages can be chaotic, be ready to try and dodge shots if you're the lead, as the AI is trigger happy, just try and mange your placement and shoot them down when the time is right for a clean win on these somewhat slow and definatly power steering deprived vehicle.

Backyard - Rufftrux
Huge monster trucks on a time trial race, just be careful to fit through the obstacles and you're 1up on this stage. 


Although the player's character doesn't determine the racing characteristics of their vehicle, the computer A.I. of each character is different.  Spider is notably a very fast opponent.

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