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I wound up leaving with Kenny. I saw an image someone made of Clem and Kenny walking away, with a ghost of Lee in the middle, and that's pretty much how it felt for me. I had told myself on a second playthrough that I'd let Kenny walk away, but in the end I couldn't do it.

I always wonder about the characters we never hear about again, like Christa. Do we assume she died? What about the people at Howe's? They aren't there in the Jane endings afaik. Or Nate and the guy with the beanie from 400 Days?

Anyway, I think Alex's train of thought is mostly in line with my own on this season. Good and fairly solid, but with inconsistencies and it had the tough task of living up to Season 1. I'm glad they didn't kill Clementine at the end, though.

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Sucks for the people who got cut. Hopefully they all bounce back.

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I had a dream this morning that I got married to this girl, and Ryan was there congratulating us. Then Jeff walks up and goes, "Don't pay any attention to this guy, he's not gonna be alive much longer!" and ran off waving his arms like one of those wavy tube men. Then I woke up. Dream analysis, anyone?

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When I had this issue, it's because I wasn't being case-sensitive when entering my gamertag here. Went back and added capital letters and it worked right. Not sure if/how that did the trick, but that's what it seemed to be.

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I clicked on the TNT thumbnail on the front page, and then this unlocked. Did this happen for anyone else?

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Disaster Report

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I've been interested in this and was hoping for some kind of sale during Steam's wave of holiday specials. $39.99 down to $6.00? SOLD.
Just a heads up for anyone else who was on the fence.

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$3 for this? I know Game Room is like one long running gag anyway, but wow. I can understand (sort of) people really wanting some specific version of an early 80s baseball or casino, but was anyone asking for this one?

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My first was Cloning Clyde on the 360, that was a pretty fun game. 
I haven't found too many of the ones I s-ranked to be tedious, other than Assassin's Creed. Oh, and the "play for 50 hours" achievement on Viva Pinata, specifically.

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