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Beautifully written, Patrick. You couldn't be more right.

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Reminds me of how The Binding of Isaac got a nice, huge expansion. Nice!

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@revel: Oh, thanks for the ovations. I'm happy that RE6 is selling well because I enjoyed it greatly.

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The craziest thing about the Carley/Doug choice? I chose Carley... because I was hoping that, with her gun, she could help save Doug. Seriously. Oh, of course I knew it was an obvious "save one person" type of a choice, but the game somehow made me believe that I could save both of them.


Also: even though I've been with the game since the beginning, I've only just now read this article - fresh from Episode 3. Man, the stuff the guys allude to in the text is just crazy.

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Great write-up, Patrick. Worth the wait!

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I can't wait for your Amnesia article, Patrick!

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Bought it two days ago, finally watched it today - it is simply wonderful: inspiring and touching.

Also, another great piece by Alex!

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That's just a terrible thing to read. Especially that Reckoning was, you know, really rather cool.

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I'm... I'm... I think I'm excited, guys. Is there something wrong with me? Should I see a doctor?

Well, I DID really enjoy Modern Warfare 3's campaing, though. But all this sounds really cool and even fresh for the franchise.