so i just broke my desk...

wow, i raged... i am not known as someone who gets angry at losing but its happend, i snapped and in a fit of rage i put my bare foot  through one of the sides of my desk, causing the dowl and screws to splinter through the mdf and the piece of wood is F*CKED... i have managed to plave it back but i am going to have to fix it with some tools

i don't know why i got so frustrated that it made me do something as stupid as that.. maybe it was the fact that when playing a laggy match it never registers my charges...or being beaten by a vega that uses one move (why couldnt i work it out?) or maybe the fact the DPAD is a fat bag of shite?

either way it isnt a good thing that i did something as stupid as this.. i almost put my foot through my 40" HDTV and almost picked up my guitar with the intention of smashing it against the wall!

guess i need a break from Street Fighter 4!