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I have a friend from krakow and for a brief time lived with two polish people, their diet mainly consisted of sandwich's (kanapka for those that want to learn) and tomato salads with crème-fresh (I dont remember the name of that stuff but its something I have added to my personal list). As a chef its great to have a lot of interesting influences from different nationalities! I will definitely be asking my friend about these "Zapiekanki" when I see him tomorrow!

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As someone who is a pizza chef and have lived in both Italy and England, neither Italy / England consider it a "pie"... my father also happens to be a chef (we are Sicilian), he has only come across the term whilst working in a Pizzeria in New York in the early 80's.

in England you can buy pies without a top on but they usually state it, you can also buy a sandwich that is just on one piece of bread but thats also dumb (having said that, that is normal to polish people so whos to say).

A burger is a burger, you don't call it something else that's its German name - that's what it is.

A pizza is a pizza, that's its Italian name - that's what it is.

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I have been wearing the same clothes for 5+ years... so yes, I would say I am into High Fashion!

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If this genuine call someone... jclane said it best.

@jclane said:

2013 has taken too many great people already, duder. Don't go adding yourself to that list. Together, we can all say fuck Luigi and his year.

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Queens of the stone age - Go with the fow

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easy thing to get over you know... I mean why would it be annoying...

I think its something little that you need to get over, each member of the bombcast have their quirks but that makes them who they are and thats kind of the point of listening to them... Having said that- I used to get annoyed when Patrick would argue trivial points with vinny for no reason and to no end... so I stopped listening to the bombcast for a while.

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nintendo wiiU just for monster hunter 3 ultimate super long title edition!

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I personally like

Breakfast with the B-Team

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I enjoyed the article until it turned into a "dear diary" type deal, the story changed from the argument between beer/fish to being about Patrick and people that give him hate but there was no closing thoughts about the original story itself... it shouldn't need to be addressed every other story how great the giantbomb community is for supporting the bomb staff in time of need but about the original story its presenting.

I want opinions and facts and comments from the people in the article instead of fan art and rainbows, I come here for games and game news and less of the personality stuff (I get mine from the bombcast/quicklooks/subscription) I want stories in my stories and less of a blog type deal.

as for fish/blow/beer - fish should get a PR person because its evident that people dont like him and he should take lessons or something to be more PR savvy. I always thought Blow was pretentious but when listening to him speak either in interviews or lectures he shows me a perspective I didnt consider previously (i think it was just the winter warmers he always used to wear that put me off) and Beer? he comes off as unprofessional and somewhat of a shock jock and I personally cant listen to him... you cant really sit there and call someone a "wanker" or a "tosspot" over and over again without repercussions... just because you dont like something someone has done or have something against them, it doesnt give them the right to slam them unfairly... the difference here is, its his job to be good at PR and voicing himself as it is - his job, its Fish's job to make great games and hire a PR manager. (and its preferably Patricks job to write about the story and less about himself).

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@the_nubster: you could just have a north Korea news section with him in then :P