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No, not yet.

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I'm down to really just watching the group Quick Looks (sorry Patrick and Alex, but solo stuff and morning shows are boring). In general, I've gravitated towards other forms of entertainment.

But I am here right now, so I clearly also browse the front page forums on occasion.

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No, but a game mode without them would be nice.

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@miacosa said:

Yes, do not get me wrong I love the site but its been a little disappointing lately and its causing me to consider dropping premium. It has been bothering me a lot lately and as a premium member i kind of expect more especially with 3 offices going now. Sometimes it seems like there are more trailers up then actual content and if you are not into a certain featured content item there is nothing for you on the site.

This is one of the reasons I'm not renewing. I just don't feel like there is enough premium content to make it worthwhile. Some of the stuff is comedy gold, but there is so much other media available to me already that none of it is necessary.

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I find it hard to believe there won't be a season mode when it hits its full release.

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I agree. It's already the best "over-the-ropes" wrestling game and it's not even a wrestling game.

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Oh man, this game was rough. I played all the way through it when it was released, but found it extremely unsatisfying.

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@ptys said:

@chicken008 said:
@ptys said:

Surely these headlines can remain part of your personal blog Patrick, wouldn't say it classifies as news.

Have you ever watched a Giant Bomb video or listened to a Giant Bomb podcast? Yoshi is a pretty popular discussion/joke here.

My criticism was more about how the headline was focused on a personal opinion rather than the content of the article. Clearly I got it wrong as I've had a few replies similar to yours, so I'll shut up :)

I agree with you ptys. But I care only enough to write these two sentences.

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It plays well. Too many MMO trappings for my liking, but should be a good time for a bit.

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The fact the so may people have such poor impulse control and a minimal grasp on economic concepts continues to astound me.