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Wow, I'd be interested to hear the pathology results. I sincerely hope it is benign because gallbladder and biliary tree cancers are extremely mortal.

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I agree. I was very pleasantly surprised by his hosting prowess.

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Well to my knowledge there are a lot of 12 year olds on the internet.

This. In the world of the internet, where eyeballs are ad revenue, all you need to do is get clicks. Entertainment has changed and you don't need money to buy it anymore. As long as they can click, they are income.

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I honestly have no opinion on Dan, other than if he is hired, it would be disappointing in the sense that once again, the incestuous nature of the games press wins out over finding new blood.

Well said. I'm sure Dan will do fine and a lot of people will like him, but I'm losing interest in Giant Bomb and more of the same is not what I'm looking for. In fact, as I've spent some time thinking about the current state of this site, I've realized there is a deeper issue at play here. Judging by the comments, a lot of people feel personally affected by Vinny's departure from the main office. This makes sense because the site has been kicking around for long enough (6 years in July if you ignore the GameSpot years) that readers/viewers have bonded with the staff and also experienced a lot of personal life changes. People have gone from awkward teenage years to finishing college and starting careers, while others have gained, lost, or just changed jobs as loved ones have appeared and disappeared. Hell, I've finished medical school, gotten married, and moved twice totaling more than 3,000 miles in just the last 3 years. In the same fashion, much of the current shakeup at GB is the result of important changes in Vinny's life.

So maybe this is just a changing of the guard for viewers and and staff. I just subscribed to cable for the first time in 7 years because my entertainment priorities and needs have changed. It's probably not a coincidence that I'm using GB less and less and consuming other media more. So I don't think it's a matter of Giant Bomb becoming worse. Instead, I think it's the normal course of things for both the audience and the staff to evolve. And that's how it should be. Stagnation is death in media and they are desperately trying to avoid that (even if hiring Dan seems a bit too safe and too conventional).

My two cents.

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I tend to finish all games, even if I don't like them. I just like seeing all the content.

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That would be a great shakeup for a site in need of some serious overhauling, but they can't do it based on gender alone (for obvious reasons). All we can do is be encouraging and supportive of great applicants regardless of sex and we'll see who's the best fit for the job.

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Whoa. I can't help but be a little sad that Vinny's irrepressible humor and good cheer will be so far away from the rest of the gang. Even so, life has repeatedly taught me that change is a terrifying, but wholly necessary part of growing. I'm cautiously optimistic. Good luck Vinny and GB.

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I really enjoy it, but I was playing Little Inferno on it yesterday and the frame rate was tanking whenever a lot was going on. That's the only problem I've ever had with it and obviously it's a minor one, so I highly recommend.

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It's been a long time since I was genuinely excited about a new game. In fact, the last time may have been Far Cry 3 which somehow actually surpassed my expectations.