A Good Day.

Wow, it just keeps getting better. 
Not only is it my birthday, and my parents kindly bought me Batman: Arkham Asylum (which I can't wait to play!) as well as a hundred quid for a new HD TV monitor I'm saving for, but last night I received my exam results to find out I'd passed them all and now have a BA Honours degree in Journalism. My girlfriend also sent me a handmade card with all these little funny messages and a promise of a special surpise present next time I see her on Friday. As cliche as it sounds, I don't want this day to end!
Anyways, I know this is nothing of interest to anyone but as I love Giantbomb I just thought I'd share my joy. Well, now I'm off to play Batman - wooohoooo!!


My Giantbomb University presentation

I have to say, this is probably one of the only times I am actually excited about working on uni stuff. Wanna know why? 'Coz it's about Giantbomb, baby! YEAH!!

I should probably clarify further. I'm a Scottish journalism student and as part of my fourth year Editorial Management module I have to focus on a publication (magazine, newspaper, web site, etc) in terms of the manner in which the chosen publication is managed internally, and conduct a 20 minute presentation to my lecturer and the rest of the class. And I've chosen Giantbomb! How cool is that? It'll be awesome, I'm going to show some videos, (like the 50 Cent review and one of the How to Build a Bomb episodes) and compare it to other video game web sites for a perspective on the industry, such as Gamespot and IGN.

I'm currently putting together the Powerpoint presentation, and man, I'm getting excited. Anyways, just thought I'd let the community know.