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#1 Posted by Rhinox (20 posts) -

A "console reveal" without actually revealing the console or even touching on pricing. Nice work there, Sony.

I mean, yes what they did show is very interesting, certainly worth the discussion, but to have a presentation like this, you really should have at least shown the damn box. Buzz is good, but this could have all been done in a press release rather than an event.

#2 Posted by Rhinox (20 posts) -

I got a couple really nice splatguns last night, early the morning. Looking forward to getting some awesome grenades this afternoon!

#3 Posted by Rhinox (20 posts) -

It's all handled server side, so there's no update to DL. It's on all systems, you should just find rarer shotguns with more frequency.

Personally, I've nabbed an electric splat shotty that does amazing damage and eats stalkers for lunch.

#4 Posted by Rhinox (20 posts) -

additional note, machines are not included in this. It's all about killing things and looting chests. Machines will not have anything special within.

#5 Posted by Rhinox (20 posts) -

According to Gearbox personnel on their forums, the drop rate for shotties will be improved, as will the overall quality of said shotties.

Chris F on their boards is dropping hints about what is to come.

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My wife and I both loved the first Borderlands and so, with the second game, we planned things out. We both have characters we only play together, while we both have characters that we solo through things with. This gives us the best of both worlds and lets us have some VG fun time together without it feeling like we're being hampered or have to wait on the other to play. It's a good system.

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I hit level 50 with my siren a couple days ago. I have a commando at level 49, just waiting for a good day to grind the rest.

Been dipping a toe into DLC before finishing TVHM, so I've some really good equipment for both. I'm in love with splat shotties (i have one acidic, one fire) and my 2 electric sniper rifles.

I have an assassin at level 21 that I look forward to getting up there as well. My wife runs a gunzerker so I probably won't play one of those myself. Overall, I'm quite thrilled with each class I've played, especially the commando. It took me a long while to get the hang of playing Roland in the first game, but for some reason Axton and I got along well from the start. I haven't capstoned any of his trees, nor will I till level cap gets raised, but my turret has shields, missles, longbow and sticky tech. I can put it anywhere in the field and make a difference. It's cover for my allies, it's an aggressor so I can hide if need be, it does everything I wish Roland's turret had done.

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saw that there was a title update today. anyone know what it was for? My removed badass levels et al weren't restored, but have that fixed the problem causing it?

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I got hit by the glitch. Lost heads, skins, premier club access, badass rank, and golden keys. Basically, everything that is shared from one character to another. Hell, even my Claptrap stash was deleted.

The skins and heads I don't care about, but I really want my badass rank and my damned keys back. I was saving those.

#10 Posted by Rhinox (20 posts) -

Thrilled to get the new class a week early. I suspected as much when Randy Pitchford tweeted there'd be a big surprise last night.

Played a bit, unlocked Deathtrap and gave him a whirl. He is magnificent. He stays out for a really long time. His cool down is a minute long, but there is a skill to reduce that. He does good damage, distracts the enemies, and looks badass while doing so. I will continue to main Axton, but the mechromancer might just become my second 'go to' class.

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