Indie Games! Part 2: Sole Gunner

Sole Gunner made by "Sinclair Strange Studios" is a new game that reminded me of the 2d shooter action games found on the classic Super Nintendo This is actually a very good thing when done right and Sole Gunner does it perfectly.

In the game you basically have to make your way across all areas by shooting everything in sight. You can control power ups as you run through the game and blasting enemies into tiny pieces is actually tons of fun.

The game breaks the platforming action up a bit by introducing some easy platforming puzzles and incredible boss fights. While the game starts out nice and easy it can get pretty hard very quickly, but in a good way. I never felt like throwing my keyboard out in frustration but instead just blaming myself and I would try again.

All the graphics really blend nicely together and as a great bonus the Retro music is the icing on this delicious 2d action platforming cake. With plenty of levels and upgrades to enjoy this Free Flash game is defiantly worth your time. Try it out and please let me know what you think!

You can play the game right here! *Flash


Hi there, time to check out some indie games! Part 1: UrNotAHero

Oh hello there! My name is Rikus, father of 2 girls, living in canada and lover of video games! Especially indie games! I will use this blog to try and let you know about some of the indie games I have been playing. Now we will go deep in the indie rabbit hole together, and hopefully discover some real Indie game Gems on our journey!

Tonight I tried out a new game that is currently in the Alpha stages called: UrNotAHero created by: Peanut Butter Fingers. In the game you hire a mercenary that can perform certain missions for you. For example rescue hostages or rob a bank. Depending on how well you do, you can earn some nice cash and bonuses, and with those open up new missions. While the game is still in the Alpha stages the demo that is available for free online, already plays pretty well. You start out the first mission by having to save some hostages and kill the bad guys.

Of course I shot a hostage by mistake on my first try but hey, he should not have been standing there in the first place. The game uses a cool slide and duck mechanic so you are able avoid bullets that are being shot at you. You can even sneak up on a bad guy by sliding to him and then blowing him away.

Once you earn enough points you are able to buy some more mercenaries each with their own skill sets and continue on to the next mission.

The graphics fit the game just fine but I was missing some possible retro music to compliment the game-play and graphics. While the game is not completed yet, it does give you a good idea on how the full version is going to look and play like. With that in mind I can already highly recommend the Alpha version of UrNotAHero.

You can download the free Alpha version of UrNotaHero right here.

Until Next Time!