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Accept that others will have their own thoughts and opinions. You might not agree, but that doesn't make them wrong nor does it make you wrong. Keep on keeping on with Destiny and if you want to skirt around every time they talk about it, that's fine too.

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I would also be cool with having an extra US code. To be honest though, it's not for me. I already got one, but I'm trying to get one for my friend, so prioritize these other fellow duders before you get to me.

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@twoarmed: Nabbed the first code. Thanks a ton, mate!

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I agree with you. The title for this concept is kind of a mouthful and the term "intro" is more accurate to what it's describing. "Banter" would also maybe work. "Character specific" on the other hand maybe seems too general. Perhaps "Opponent Specific Intros" would be more apt?

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One that best suits the story that is being told to me.

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I tried it out just now with a few games. Now I don't have a very strong computer to begin with, but I honestly felt it did absolutely nothing.

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Fuse (or I suppose OverStrike is what I was actually excited about). What I think about this game has already been said dozens of times by many on this site and others.

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You know those times where we have to take a step back and go, "You're being a tiny bit creepy again, community"? This might be one of those times.

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Off the top of my head: Kirby's Epic Yarn. Just an absolute joy of a game from top to bottom.

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@thesonygamer12 said:

but compared to comedy toons like courage,invader zim,regular show,rockos modern life etc they do comedy so much better

And that's cool too. Some will agree with you there, some won't; Just as some will agree with you that they too don't like Phineas and Ferb, and some won't. You have your taste just as others have theirs.