RJPelonia's Summer Run 2012

This is a list of games I beat during the summer of 2012. Not as many as I hoped (became a tad busy with other matters to play games), but a fair amount that I'm happy with. Here's the original description I made for this list:

I have a bad habit: I start playing a game and then I stop some ways through. Not that I don't like it; I tend to just up and decide to finish it later. When is later? Hell if I know.
This I have come to refer to as "taking a break". It's certainly nothing I'm proud of, but it's nothing that I ever saw as too much of a problem. Until now.
With summer upon us and now that I am finally given (a little) free time, I have decided to use that (very little) time to actually complete some games.
Not only does this come to games I have taken a break on, but for games that I just happen to own and have not played yet at all, some of which still being sealed, as well as new titles that I just happen to purchase over the summer thus resisting the urge to take a break on them.
So here is my quest to beat as many video games as I can for the next two and something months; my Summer Run 2012.

With that, if you have your own back-catalog of games, I implore you to create your own Run when given the extended free time for one. It helps give that extra little push to clearing that list out and it's also fun to go back and read what you accomplished, not to mention I'd certainly enjoy giving your list a read-through.

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