Is Duke still relevant? Absolutely!

Duke Nukem Forever is finally arriving in 2011.  At least, that's what Gearbox would have us believe.  I'm inclined to trust them, given their track record.  I often wondered what the reaction would be like if DNF went from vaporware to reality.  Does Duke have a shot at relevance 13 years after Duke Nukem 3D?  Given the hype surrounding the PAX announcement, I'd say the answer is yes.  Duke Nukem Forever has already trascended its status as a game and become part of gaming culture itself.  It carries a legacy...not necessarily a great one, but a legacy nonetheless.  I believe that there are a lot of gamers who miss the Duke.  For those who aren't nostalgic for DN3D, I think there's still a place for Duke.  After all, nearly every shooter out there is a take on the "modern warfare" theme.  The only alternative is Halo, and we've seen plenty of that in the last ten years (not that I mind Halo).  Duke Nukem could be just the alternative gamers are looking for.  I'd love to see the game turn out to be awesome and make a big splash upon release...whether or not that's wishful thinking remains to be seen.  One thing is for certain...people are paying attention.  All eyes are on Gearbox and 2K Games.  Duke Nukem is relevant to the gaming world.