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I have no idea who the familiar face in that picture is supposed to be? The guy in the white shirt slightly resembles Sean Coonce, maybe?

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It always happens if you pause for a long time and then resume, on any browser.

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Downloading the new ILM in HD and I'm getting 30 KB/s, with an estimated 2 hour completion time. On FIOS in Virginia.

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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ revealed its controller too.  It looks a bit more like the Beatmania controller than DJ Hero.  The screenshots also give off a heavy Beatmania vibe.  Any news on that lawsuit?  It doesn't seem to be affecting DJ Hero much at E3, contrary to the prediction in the Bombcast.
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Click anywhere on the video to pause and play would also be welcome.

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Would it be possible to get the buttons and position bar to disappear after the mouse idles for a few seconds, like a lot of other video players?  I watch Giantbomb videos in my PS3 browser sometimes, and it's a chore to get the cursor out of the player without scrolling and cutting off a large chunk of video in full-screen mode.