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The last game I ever preordered was X: Rebirth, I was so ashamed.

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Good luck man, We're behind you!

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My last experience with Rebirth was ramming into a frigate, clipping through the model and getting stuck within the walls. I would like to see a QL for the hilarity.

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I have not been able to play in a session with people yet.

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God Damnit just make Homeworld 3 already

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@Terramagi: Good! It goes to show that there are talented people in the fandom and that its not all about sex.

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I just can not believe the amount of hatred towards anthropomorphism in this community. I literally can't wrap my head around it =| .. like, actively hating on a harmless quality. Why? The game was done extensively by a single, extremely talented guy and he was able to portray the world he wanted to. So.. Personally, I am part of the furry community and I'm open to questions. Before you hate, remember that there are -plenty- of games all throughout history that involve anthropomorphic animals.

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Upon stumbling across my old Jewel case of "Streets of Sim City", I was thrown back in nostalgia. Around the same time EA launched Earth&Beyond, basically what EvE Online is today and I absolutely loved the game for the few months that I was able to play before they shut down the servers. Why did this game get cancelled so quickly after release?

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Furry here, Just going to say that most people wont admit things like these, but I assure you are not alone ^^