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Endurance Runs - that is the place where the soul of Giant Bomb is forged and with out it, the very essence of it withers. Sure, it might be a daily grind and daunting task, yet out of this gauntlet walks men with new visions and heightened spirits. Endurance Run - this is not only what we want, but it is the very thing that you need.

I think the Metal Gear Scanlon is the closest thing we will ever get to an endurance run.

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@mbradley1992: It is just another page up. Knowing how Brad already feels about the game is enough to let you know that some people really enjoy it and others find it repetitive and not so fun.

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All joking aside, I think Jeff reviewed it because he is usually the one that does all FPS games. It was probably to late in the review process and they were probably running out of time to hand the review off to someone else. I think you play a game differently when you are reviewing as opposed to just playing the game when you have more time to wrap your head around the late game.

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Jeff's Voice: follow the money

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wow those are amazing! the GB Community continues to amaze

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ya know give it up to those musicians for rocking out even though no one in the crowd is into it

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what is this a joystick for ants?

no seriously that joystick is terrible!!! They could have easily moved the face buttons down and it would have looked more like the Wii U gamepad. They shouldn't have done a iteration rather they should have just released a new handheld.

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Remember Me was actually pretty fun and I enjoyed the setting. My only issues were the repetitive level design, story was meh and the voice acting is what really held it down. I want a game that actually makes me care about the characters.

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Sad day...

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Hey guys so when I first set up my PS4 I was able to log in to my facebook account. Since then I changed my FB Password and the PS4 didn't like that because now it won't let me post to facebook. There is no option on the PS4 to change to your new FB. When I go to Settings on the PS4, then PSN and then Link with other services option. I click on the facebook option. I can enter my email and password but the option to log in underneath that is grayed out. I can not find anyone else with this issue.

Any ideas?