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I'm a 30-something father of 2 who is married to his high school sweetheart (gasp/chuckle/puke...your choice).  I love my family dearly and love video games just a tad less.  Gaming is my primary form of entertainment.  I'm a software developer by day, gamer by night after everyone else is in bed.  Sleep is a luxury I can't afford.  I'm a Christian and a Crossfitter, both of which are considered cults by some, so I guess I've got some personality & behavior quirks.
My system of choice is the Xbox 360.  I started with an Atari 2600 when I was very young and progressed through the Nintendo and Sony consoles, eventually finding my way to an Xbox to play Halo.  I don't currently own a PS3 and sometimes that just amazes me.  I guess I have to make tough choices on what to play these days, and there's plenty on the 360 to keep me entertained and hunting for achievement points.
I enjoy playing all types of games, but find myself mostly playing first person shooters (COD, Halo) and RPGs.  The Final Fantasy series is my favorite series of games of all time, which is controversial to some, but I can grind away at those games in complete bliss.
I love this website and spend way too much time on it.  The bombcast is something I obsess over every week.