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5 star idea; 3 star game 0

I just finished this game. I forced myself to do it, though. I agree with everyone else here that the concept is great! At first I had a lot of fun switching between the platform and puzzle game, but it got old pretty quick. Henry Hatsworth is a little above average platformer combined with a little below average puzzle game. The difficulty ramps up real quick about the time you hit the later stages of World 3. I liked some of the layouts of the stages but there were areas where you had to hit p...

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A fantstic RPG that stays true to the Star Wars mythology. 0

I've just finished my second trip through the KotOR game. The first time I played it as male (light side) and the second time as female (dark side). I spent about 50 hours per character. But, I went on every little side quest I could find (and played a lot of Pazak!).I found it easier when I went to the dark side, though the believability of the game suffers when you play the dark side. I'm swindling people out of money, murdering innocents, ruining lives, etc. All the while, Bastila just watche...

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The fear of yesteryear still holds up! 0

Nine years after the game came out I completed Silent Hill. I saw all the endings (plus the UFO one) and played through once more with the hyperblaster.Does this game show its age? Definitely. But it's like one of those grandpas that still know how to get out and dance and have fun. It's old and a little frustrating but still brings lots of fun and scares.The play control is frustrating and can reduce your thumb to pulp if you're not careful. However, the graphics still look good and are detaile...

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