GOTY 2011

2011 was an incredible year for interactive systems to come together to create some of the best moments of my 18+ years of gaming. I couldn't be more proud of my hobby after delving into these titles.

Let it be known up front that I have not managed to start Skyrim, but I intend to once the major bug issues get resolved.

Now on with my list of the top games of 2011.

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Posted by RVonE

Your listing of Frozen Synapse interests me. I might check it out.

Posted by RuthLoose

@RVonE: I highly recommend it. Be on the look out if you have an iOS device as there have been many rumors that it is headed there. The formula works perfectly for smaller sessions in case you have any doubts.

Posted by RVonE

@RuthLoose: I'll definitely keep that in mind! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.