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How about a mod that makes helicopters fun to control with a gamepad?

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Is it shitty of me to think that it's kinda gross that Sony announced Shenmue III on their stage, garnering a bunch of goodwill from fans, when they're not even funding the fucking game?

Is Sony not using Kickstarter to gauge interest at all? I figure they might pitch in once the game gets successfully funded to optimize the game for PS4.

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@klb said:

This is bad. I've been drinking. I'm so sorry.

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So by going FMV will that dramatically decrease the amount of songs and genres of music available for this game, particularly for DLC?

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So.... The Hunger Games: The [Interactive] Video Game?

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This thread needs more Johnny V love.

Will you be mine to Disney Infinity and beyond, valentine?

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So ummm.... yeah I wonder what Scoops is thinking now about his parent organization.

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Resident Evil 2's save room constantly made me think that each save room was a hoax and a licker would jump out the moment after my save registered. It is just the best mix of atmosphere and sinister from the series by a country mile.

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I'm only up to Stage 9, but thus far I have encountered Pilotwings, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Castlevania nods among this "sticky jump physics" platformer. Plus it is only $2.99 in the 3DS eShop. Also, the soundtrack seems much improved over the original.

I really hope we get a Quick Look over the next week @jeff.

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@alex The Club Nintendo website rewards page currently states,"Dozens of downloadable games and a limited quantity of exclusive reward items will be added to the rewards catalog in February."

Just a quick public service announcement so people don't spend their hard-earned coins on doggy postcards.