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I've been trying to convince myself that I can be patient and don't need the early demo, but I still find myself coming back here scrounging for extra codes like an addict looking for his fix, so I figured I might as well get a little bit of a release and actually ask if anyone has any extra NA codes they can send my way.

What this fine gentleman said.

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@hailinel said:

I'm honestly not sure what Microsoft really gets out of this.

"Certified" Windows 8 Phablet support?

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If 4chan is misogynistic, why are they supporting the FYC's indiegogo campaign?

Because for every cause there are always going to be the fringe just looking for an opportunity to tip over cars and throw rocks through store windows.

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I was looking at 3DS XL bundles about a month ago but I held off, "knowing" that Nintendo was sure to announce in early 2015 a successor.

Now I don't know anymore, but I'm even more apprehensive about jumping into the pool.

Is this the 32X of portable hardware?

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I hope an indie dev issues a press release sometime soon to the effect of their game getting delayed a couple hours due to being baked out of their collective minds.

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@theblue said:

"8 new courses, Isabelle, Villager..."

Alright that seems kinda neat.

"May 2015"


That's about the pace they roll out Virtual Console titles, so not entirely surprised.

At least we can't berate them for having on-disc DLC. I mean, right?

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I would watch a stream of this nature only if they built a "Wait, I'm confused" counter that tracked the number of times Drew said that or some variation to Dan while watching the play through.

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@blzzzrrttt I'll request or trade you for Guacamelee: Gold Edition.