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@theblue said:

"8 new courses, Isabelle, Villager..."

Alright that seems kinda neat.

"May 2015"


That's about the pace they roll out Virtual Console titles, so not entirely surprised.

At least we can't berate them for having on-disc DLC. I mean, right?

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I would watch a stream of this nature only if they built a "Wait, I'm confused" counter that tracked the number of times Drew said that or some variation to Dan while watching the play through.

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@blzzzrrttt I'll request or trade you for Guacamelee: Gold Edition.

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@leinad44 Always wait for a Sony system redesign. They are always the best in the business at that (PS One, PS2 Slim and PS3 Slim). I smell one in 2015.

WAIT. Also, there are no games coming out until next year anyways.

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@sub_o said:

Jeff is on vacation for a week, first Yoshi, and now a Dynasty Warrior article?

Why don't you start posting about stealth, Resident Evil, bone-full chicken wings, anime, and JRPGs?

Shush, you! Japan is glorious and we don't need your pessimism bringing the place down.

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@anwar said:

2014 the year where everybody acts like people who never experienced a game being delayed

Or the first year of the Nintendo 64 releases.

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@gunder said:

Cool. The GameCube remake of RE was the best remake of a game there's ever been.


Insert joke about DOTA 2 being the best remake of a game there's ever been.


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SEGA should have known better after Gearbox fucked up the Wii port of Samba de Amigo.

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@sebly said:

I'm starting to think that Dan may be one of the first wave of lizardmen. I can't believe most of the things he says about his life, he can't be human...though I'm not sure why lizardmen would want to infiltrate GiantBomb.

Obviously it's to stop Jeff Gerstmann from spreading word about chem trails.

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God. It's the "Broadway-ification" of video games happening before our eyes. Next, all video games will be community theater.