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Patrick, this is a great read and you've pointed out exactly what is happening, physical media is becoming less commonplace but more special to the people purchasing them. All of the DVD's I own are of movies that are very special to me in one way or another, and I just purchased the collectors edition of dark souls 2 but downloaded infamous second son.

It's easier to just download something, but my favorite things I own physical copies of.

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Hey guys check out this sick new Ryse screenshot!

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I was pretty excited about this game, and then I realized that it has a launch day review embargo. A destructoid review leaked for a few minutes and apparently it got a 4.5/10.

With so much other stuff coming out today, I'm going to wait.

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No, that stupid, I just won't purchase it until I have a reason to.

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There are so many fucking questions after that ending.